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12 Hugot Lines for Women Who’ve Been Cheated On

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Cheating partners = angsty, bitter and sometimes melodramatic hugot lines from those who have been betrayed. You may find yourself suddenly becoming witty and philosophical the moment you go through the darkest hour of your relationship. We’ve compiled a list of the most absurd to the most #anglalimnghugot lines we’ve come across with from women who have been cheated on, once or twice in their past relationships:

    1. “Baka mapatay ko yung kabit. Silang dalawa, actually.”
    No one who’s ever been cheated on would criticize Cristine Reyes’ character for any homicidal tendencies in the film No Other Woman. When you’ve been cheated on, your first reaction, besides pain, is the kind of range that makes putting any sharp implements out of reach a very good decision. You have every right to be downright furious, but there are instances where the other woman is just as clueless as you were. And even if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have been able to tempt away a man who was truly committed to you. So remember where the blame lies, and as much as you’d like to murder him, he’s really not worth going to jail for, so the best solution is to dump him, pronto, so you can at least begin to move on.

    GIF from No Other Woman via Please or Register to view links

    2. “Di hamak naman na mas maganda ako sa kanya,” or “Maputi ka lang pero di ka maganda.”
    While we sense a bit of bitterness here, every woman who has been cheated on would like to believe that she is thousands of notches higher in beauty and brains and everything else in between when compared to the, ehem, other woman. But remember that cheating is not about how amazing you are or even what she has to offer; the lack was in the man who wasn’t able to honor his commitment to you and went behind your back and told lies to cover up his failure.

    Photo from Beauty in a Bottle courtesy of Star Cinema

    3. “Was she worth it?”
    Ah. A classic line, this one. You ask your partner, yourself and your friends if the other woman is indeed worth all the effort for for the unfaithfulness. Why go around your back, right? This is a question that doesn’t really need to be answered but is still constantly asked by cheated women anyway. But we worry that by asking yourself this, you may also question your own self-worth. Instead, make the unequivocal decision that he was never worth it, and you’re well rid of him.

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    4. “Aso nalang ang loyal.”
    We don’t know how your cute and furry pet got into the cheating thing, but we get you. When Please or Register to view links and boyfriends break our hearts, sometimes it can feel like our pooch pals are the only ones who know the meaning of loyalty anymore. But just because one (or even more) of the guys you’ve dated or been in a relationship with turns out to be a Please or Register to view links, be wary of tarring every man with the same brush; remember that there are men who are sweet and kind and loyal too. Don’t let one bad experience sour you off relationships forever. Otherwise, you’ll be giving that cheating scumbag of an ex way too much power over the rest of your life.

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    5. “Wala ngang forever!”
    We understand the bitterness you feel, but we hope this is only for a short span of time. Yes, you feel scorned after having to go through a hellish breakup, so it’s perfectly normal to think that there is no such thing as forever. Like we said, don’t give the guy so much power over your life you deny yourself any future happiness in a relationship because of how he treated you.

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    6. “Iiwan ka din niyan!”
    Knowing that you’ve been cheated on by your guy makes you instantly think that his relationship with the other woman won’t stand a chance of seeing forever at all. In fact, you just gave their relationship an end date in your head. If the thought makes you feel better, then that’s something. But keep this to your thoughts only—don’t act on it. It’s not your place to take action to make the end come faster for your former guy and the woman he cheated on you with.

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    7. “Tanghali nalang ang tapat.”
    A sarcastic way of saying that your boyfriend is a lying and unfaithful guy who doesn’t deserve another chance. When you start equating loyalty and faithfulness to the time of day, maybe you should consider breaking up with him and start moving on.

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    8. “Cheating is not a mistake. It’s a choice.”
    Short and straightforward, this hugot line just stumps the cheater every single time. Because since when did cheating become a mistake when your guy had the option not to be unfaithful from the start? This trumps all otherhugot lines ever created.

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    9. “Hindi na ako naniniwala sayo.”
    A line delivered to make your cheating partner guilty and repentant. Ultimately, it’s the loss of trust makes any girl unable to believe anything a cheater says. It will take a while before a scorned woman is able to trust fully once again. And when it comes to the cheater himself, well, nothing he says will ever be accepted without question again, as far as you’re concerned. Which is no kind of relationship to have, so if you’re still struggling to make things work, remember that if that trust has been broken beyond repair, a clean break may be the wisest course of action.

    GIF from The Simpsons via Please or Register to view links

    10. “Wala na talagang matinong lalake ngayon!”
    When you believed with all your heart that he was The One, but it turned out that he was just a no-good cheat, it can feel like there are no decent guys left in the world. But as we’ve said, be careful of generalizing, and don’t let this bitterness turn into a case of manhateritis, which will have you keeping any guy at a distance because you’re afraid he’ll turn out like your ex.

    Photo courtesy of @DamingHugot Instagram

    11. “I deserve better.”
    Yes, girl you surely do. Any guy who cheats is not worthy of your time. You deserve better. Someone way much better than the last guy who said he would be yours and yours alone but was unable to fulfill that promise. More than that, you deserve someone who is honest, kind, and caring—who really wants what’s best for you and who loves you for yourself.

    GIF via Please or Register to view links

    12. “Binigay mo na ang lahat, sa huli hindi parin sapat.”
    Now there’s a #anglalimnghugot line right there. You gave it your all, but you just ended up being betrayed. But keep in mind that the failing is his and not yours. You may have given everything, and he may have tossed it aside, but you have the strength to pick up the pieces, reforge it into something whole and beautiful, and move on—and away—from the guy who never deserved you in the first place.

    GIF from The Originals via Please or Register to view links

    Getting cheated on not only destroys your trust in the cheater, but it can also damage your outlook on any future relationships. Remember to assign blame where it is deserved (on the guy who broke your trust) and try not to let his carelessness of your trust and feelings impact how you deal with other people who come into your life later on.
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  3. aso nalang ang loyal totoo yun :LOL:
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