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11 Cool Things in the Hottest Province of Cagayan

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. 1) Say Cheese for the Stalagmites and Stalactites inside Callao Cave
    Callao Cave is the premier attraction located in the municipality of Peñablanca, Cagayan. This is a 7-chamber cave and is one of the 300 caves in the area.

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    Callao Cave

    The cave is famous for its chapel inside, where 5 couples got married to date.

    2) Cruise by the Pinacanauan River
    This is one of the river tributaries of the Cagayan River. The river passes through the Callao Caves National Park. It has moderate to medium-quick rapids, making it popular for rafting and kayaking.

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    Pinacanauan River

    3) Chill out with Halo-Halo Caramel
    It was commonly observed that most of the Halo-Halo stands here in Cagayan serves Halo-Halo with caramel as a substitute to the usual Leche Flan on top of it. The caramel added a different sweet, gentle stroke in your mouth that complements the ice and milk, together with all other ingredients. This is definitely a must-try here in the hottest province in the country.

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    Gone in Sixty Seconds

    4) Cross the Longest River Bridge in the Philippines
    Buntun Bridge is the longest river bridge and is the second longest bridge in the country, measuring 1.098km in distance.

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    I can run this in 7 minutes, yay!

    The bridge was shaking while the motorists were honking at us. They have never seen crazy people walk through it while striking a pose for picture taking.

    5) shöwër-All-You-Can at Hotel Joselina
    We stayed at Please or Register to view links located at Baranggay Cagay along the National Highway, Tuguegarao City. The hotel is located near the bus stations, fast-food restaurants, gas station, and airport. Get a room for 2 for only Php1,000/night.

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    value for money

    For me this is quite a good deal. The room is spacious for 2. The hotel offers standard amenities – toiletries, towel, air-condition, TV, and WiFi connection, though TV and WiFi reception were poor at the time of our visit. And because there was a cable connection shut down on our last night, we made the most of our stay by taking a shöwër every time we got out of our room.

    6) Check out the Oldest Bell in the Philippines
    San Jacinto de Polonia Parish Church in the town of Camalaniugan, Cagayan is the home of Please or Register to view links, the oldest bell (forged in 1595) in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. [Source: Please or Register to view links]

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    There are 5 bells in the bell tower, which one’s the oldest?

    7) Whisper a Prayer at Cathedral of St Peter and Paul
    Also known as Tuguegarao Cathedral, this church is located along Rizal Street in Baranggay Centro 10, which is about 10 minutes away from the National Highway. The church’s structure is Baroque style, which is popular among Catholic churches.

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    Newly painted and under construction

    8) Taste the Meaty Pancit Batil Patong
    After visiting Tuguegarao Cathedral, head to Jomar’s Panciteria and try ordering a special Pancit Batil Patong. The serving can be shared by 2-3 persons. This unique pancit meal is served with carabao beef broth with egg and vinegar. The noodles are topped with carabao beef, pork liver, mung bean sprouts, crushed chicharon, and poached egg.

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    This may get you a high blood pressure

    9) Take Home Chicharabao and other Cagayan Sweets
    The province offers the usual sweet pasalubong like tart, peanut brittle, and yema made from Carabao’s milk. If you are some kind who likes to experiment, try Chicharabao – Cagayan’s version of pork chicharon. It is made of fried Carabao skin, instead of pork. It tastes basically the same as pork, but with lesser grease and salt.

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    Will you eat these, when you just saw a carabao mud party in Cape Engano?

    10) Sip a Cold Ybanag Roast at Barako Boy Coffee
    We were lucky that Please or Register to view linksis just across our hotel in Tuguegarao City. They serve variety of coffee roasts in cold and hot brew. I tried the Barako and Ybanag cold brew roasts; the Barako had a stronger taste and fuller body compared to Ybanag. The café also serves meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.This can be a nice hang-out place for coffee lovers and travelers who need a break from the road.

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    Read for free, while chilling with ice cold Barako roast!

    11) Be Remarkable at the Km 642
    To reach this far is an achievement for travelers, and the kilometer marker is special to a runner.

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    I’m almost out of PAR, ah yeah!
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  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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