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Help 10mb capping? talkntext user

Discussion in 'Smart, TNT & Sun Questions' started by TrigunMaximum, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. what was the real behind on this 10mb capping? is there a way(real one) to by pass this 10mb cap on psiphon?
  2. mxRad

    mxRad Honorary Poster Established

    Just use http injector instead
  3. Drose

    Drose Honorary Poster Established

    Change the settings.
  4. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    No capping for me using open vpn :D Proof na walang capping 4th môviê download for today at pwersado na sa strêâmïng kaninang umaga.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
  5. thnks for the replies, but i really wonder if anyone really knew where is this 10mb capping triggering from, which among in the setting should be change? ive already tried everything on changing the settings but still im getting the 10mb cap, it is really from the setting that trigger the 10mb cap?
  6. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Have you tried changing your dns mate?
  7. hase im using psiphon handler
  8. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Well maybe the one that triggers your 10mb cap is the host you use in your handler mate. :D
  9. here check it out my friend

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  10. what host did you use?
  11. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Well just search here there are many to use :D
  12. is there anybody knew on how to by pass the 10mb cap on psiphon handler? what i need is a real one solution...thank you in advance.

    is there anybody knew the real score on 10mb capping? is there a way to by pass it on psiphon handler? thank you on advance
  13. pa tut naman :D
  14. capping din sakin tnt users caloocan area, pero ginamit kung pang alternative si injector, tnt pa din no cap, pero cdc lang ginagawa ko.. malakas sya parang si d.fault ni globe... sa ngayon di ko pa din alam kung pano i bypass 10 mb capping
  15. mikik1685

    mikik1685 Addict Established

    Sir thank you po...working po to skn Vis area po ako
  16. Ano po settings nyo ?
  17. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Hehehe yan lang yung shinare kong freenet trick for tnt pc :D Isa pang clue para maging ganyan. Iedit yung isa pang identifier bukod sa ip at samahan ng ping to Please or Register to view links :D Yan lang clue na ibibigay ko.
  18. hanneman

    hanneman Eternal Poster Established

    Ping to google to improve latency the same trick for http injector I also use this trick in my VPN...:D
  19. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Meron pang secret recipe :D dun sa identifier sure yan no capping baka sa area lang namin working kaya di ko shinashare. :D
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
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  20. hanneman

    hanneman Eternal Poster Established

    To my knowledge bypassing data cap is a tricky one. Tricky because some users report that you need to at least register to a promo offered by the network and Said capping will be bypassed.
    If you really wanted to know the reason behind, you need to work with http and understand their protocols. Know the relationship of the proxy servers.
    Explore that is to say.
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