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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. The Philippines has plenty of amazing travel destinations, and it is also home to some little-known sites that many will find strange but nevertheless interesting. In these places, truth is stranger than fiction. If you’re up for the ultimate off-the-beaten-path adventure, then head down to these magnificently strange destinations.

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    Located in the province of Surigao del Sur in Mindanao, the Hinatuan Enchanted River captivates visitors with pristine, crystal-clear, blue waters that flow into the Pacific Ocean. It is believed that the river’s saltwater is miraculous and that there is something more enchanting to it aside from its beauty. The peculiarity of this place lies in the fact that it appears as if it springs from nowhere, as if the fairies thought about having a place to call their own, and conjured the river out of the fragments of their dreams.

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    Boracay is popularly known for its powdery beaches. Well, for adventurers seeking something more unique, Boracay already has its Minecraft counterpart located 30 minutes away from Surigao City. The Mabua Pebble Beach attracts visitors every year because its shoreline is filled with millions upon millions of smooth pebbles rather than sand. Some believe that walking on these pebbles have a therapeutic effect on the aching feet. Add that to the refreshing effect of the clear waters and you are in for a truly rejuvenating experience that you won’t soon forget.

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    We have all heard stories about cemeteries being haunted and creepy, but this cemetery in Camiguin goes beyond those creepy and hair-raising types of stories. This is a cemetery that is almost completely buried in the sea. A cross signifies its presence from afar, serving as a beacon and symbol that the dead lie beneath the gentle waves and sand. The Sunken Cemetery has become one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the island province of Camiguin, and while you cannot lay flowers to the dead, your presence in remembrance of them will be very much appreciated.

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    From an underwater cemetery, we now move to another one that literally lies six feet under the ground. The underground cemetery is located in Nagcarlan in the province of Laguna. The cemetery, due to its secret and untraceable location, was originally designated as a meeting place for revolutionaries during the Philippine Revolution. Today, it is an established historical landmark that comes with a museum. It also serves as a special venue for the Feast of the Christ King of the local parish.

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    Yet another cemetery that made it to our list is the Cemetery of Negativism. Located within the premises of Camp John Hay in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, this small pâtch of space is where negative ideas and energies are buried. Here, you will find epitaphs dedicated to such ‘individuals’ as ‘Iam Off D’Clock’, ‘M. Two Fatt’, ‘Boss Wont Lettuce’, ‘Wont B. Used’, and ‘Kantoo Nuthin Wright’. It is a good reminder for us that we should stay positive, because negativism will not bëâr anything good in the long run. It will do you good to spend an empowering hour just reflecting on these epitaphs and changing your overall view of life.

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    El Fraile Island, also called Fort Drum, is a man-made military post located in Manila Bay near the province of Cavite. It is like a piece of history forgotten through time, and sea birds consider this place as a destination for a quick rest. It stands isolated and solitary, yet proud and still, in the middle of churning waters or under the baking sun, a silent reminder of past wars. Rusted artillery lay abandoned and forgotten. People need to brave a short boat trip to reach it. Its rock-solid construction also gave this site its moniker – ‘concrete battleship’.


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    A little known fact is that there are several magnetic hills all over the world, and the Philippines also has one to share. The magnetic hill is located in the province of Laguna on the way toward Mt. Makiling. Traversing this road is just like passing through any other, that is, until you drive past the part of the road marked as ‘Magnetic Hill’. This is really bound to make your ride more interesting. Try turning off your engine, and be amazed at the seemingly upward movement of your vehicle. Try throwing some liquid out your window and down the road, and then watch the liquid flow up the road. Some say it’s an optical illusion, whilst others claim that it is an ancient enchantment. Whatever it is, one thing for certain is that the magnetic effect is such a cool phenomenon that you may want to check out if you’re planning on a carefree road trip along the trails in Laguna.

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    Vulcan Point is an island on a lake on an island on a lake. Yes, that might sound as an island-ception for you, but it is as astounding geographical anomaly that is worth visiting. Located within the vicinity of the province of Batangas, this is one great detour if you are on your way to wonder at one of the key destinations in the Philippines, which is the Taal Volcano, known as the smallest active volcano in the world.

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    Just within the busy city of Manila is a restaurant that is completely staffed by ‘little people’. This is definitely one of the most unique themed restaurants around the world. Hobbit House Manila offers great nightlife and big entertainment that does not come in small packages. Established in 1973 in Malate, Hobbit House now has a branch in the island paradise of Boracay. If you are in for a unique, if not slightly odd, party experience, this place is a must-visit.

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    Home to over a thousand unique puzzles from all over the world, the Puzzle Mansion Please or Register to view links not only provides great accommodation, but also gives its guests some unique entertainment. Located in the scenic and breezy Tagaytay City, Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast is where visitors can actually have a hand at solving one of the many puzzles. The place holds the Guinness World Record for having the most number of puzzles owned by a single person.

    Travelling is not just about visiting all the most popular destinations that always make it to anyone’s Please or Register to view links. Traveling is all about unique experiences that will surely leave a mark in your memory. If you want to embark on a true-blue adventure, the sites on this list are definitely worth your while
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