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Tutorial 10 of the Best Google Chrome Experiments You Need to Try

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by La Freak, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Whether you love or hate Google Chrome, it has changed the way we browse the Web. Firefox has already adopted many of its traits, and Microsoft is set to do the same with its new Spartan browser launching alongside Windows 10.

    Google has promoted programming languages associated with the Web, and pushed coders to take advantage of JavaScript and HTML5 in new, and often exciting, ways. Over 1,000 Chrome experiments have now been posted online, and we’re here to look at 10 that stand out from the crowd.

    Google Chrome Experiments
    Google has been showcasing the best Web pioneers on the Chrome Experiments website since 2009. Six years (and counting) later, and the number of Chrome experiments live on the site has passed 1,000. Chrome Experiment [HASHTAG]#1000[/HASHTAG] being a tool designed to help you
    organize and discover the other 999 experiments.

    This gave us the perfect opportunity to browse through the 1,000-plus Chrome experiments in order to pick out 10 of the very best that everybody reading this should try for themselves. The majority are fun games, but all are examples of what a modern Web browser is capable of in this day and age.

    Video Puzzle
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    Video Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle with a difference, as you move pieces of a video around while it’s playing in real-time. The puzzles aren’t exactly hard, but they do at least offer a different challenge than regular jigsaws.

    Multiplayer Piano
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    Multiplayer Piano offers you the chance to play a virtual keyboard with other people online. At the same time. Which is both annoying and mesmerizing at the same time. Thankfully, you can also choose to play by yourself when the mood takes you.

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    X-Type is an old-school shooter which sees you controlling a tiny spaceship trying to survive and thrive when pitched against enemy ships much bigger in size. The name is no mere coincidence, as X-Type takes its cue from R-Type.


    Mecabricks is a giant box of virtual LEGO you can play with to your heart’s content. Choose the blocks and pieces, place them on the board, and let your creativity run wild. Build with Chrome is probably better, but there’s something endearing about this effort.

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    Silk only offers a very short-lived diversion, but it’s still a Chrome experiment you shouldn’t miss. You simply draw a pattern with your mouse or finger, and the program does the rest, leaving you as the creator of some beautiful, detailed art.

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    Cube is a WebGL-based game designed to promote Google Maps. But as it’s a lot of fun to play, we can accept the promotional nature with open arms. There are eight levels to complete, and when you reach the end you should have learned something. Which is a bonus.

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    GeoGuessr is a rather addictive little game that tests your knowledge of geography. You get dropped in a random place (via Google Street View) and asked to pinpoint your location on a world map. It’s a lot tougher than it looks, because much of the world looks very similar.
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  2. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team


    Racer is, as its name suggests, an old-school racing game which sees you competing with friends on your mobile devices. You line your phones and/or tablets up to form the racetrack, which makes the whole thing much more difficult than you would expect.


    X-Wing sees you piloting an X-Wing from Star Wars (naturally) through what looks like the trench run of the Death Star. Even the music is there to add a touch of realism to the whole thing, which will thrill geeks of all stripesdespite the decidedly retro graphics.


    Spirograph is, as if you couldn’t guess, a virtual version of Spirograph. Younger readers may not have any clue what Spirograph is, but this virtual version does a great job of imitating the ability of the real-life toy to create amazing geometric patterns quickly and simply.

    Continue the Conversation
    We think this is a strong list of Chrome experiments that are well worth a second look. There are plenty of others worth trying too, and there are more being added all the time. So, we recommend you bookmarking the Google Chrome Experiments website for future reference. It’s never too late to add your voice to the discussion.

    Please continue the conversation in the comments section below. While some of you took part in the original discussion, there is always room for more opinions. Do you agree with the Chrome experiments selected for the list? If not, then please add your own suggestions to the conversation happening below. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here, just opinions.

    A Debt of Gratitude (Kinda)
    In order to compile this list of Google Chrome Experiments you really need to try, we asked for help from the MakeUseOf community. Unfortunately, for once, our readers let us down. Boo! Hiss! But we still love you all. Just about.
  3. KSFAliah

    KSFAliah Addict Established

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