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TM 10:30pm Babalik na Ang Halimaw!

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by Ramil, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. Ramil

    Ramil Addict Established

  2. henzking2

    henzking2 Enthusiast Established

    fininger crossed....
  3. viepolar

    viepolar Enthusiast Established

  4. Jaky16

    Jaky16 Enthusiast Established

    Hopiang hopia ako :sick:
  5. midfing crossed haha
  6. Hehe..pagmeron txtmate tayu ha..
  7. Pati legit mabagal connection. Maintenance siguro
  8. mseaxac

    mseaxac Addict Established

    Sana nga :)) haha
  9. Rofl. Hype! Countdown na ituuuu. :P
    ejaycute28 likes this.
  10. Lucatiel

    Lucatiel Enthusiast Established

    Sana gumana pa. XD
  11. Go http injector go go go:woot:
  12. kinito19

    kinito19 Addict Established

    takte grabe ang bagl naka gosurf pako nito
    Wawie likes this.
  13. gagana yan tiwala lang
    Wawie likes this.
  14. kinito19

    kinito19 Addict Established

    usana nga bumalik
    Wawie likes this.
  15. Yes! Wala pa. Eto ba yata pinakamatagal na 1:43 hours ng buhay ko.
    Wawie likes this.
  16. jhasper06

    jhasper06 Addict Established

    Sana nga po gumana na hahaha para more pa sa unli net
    Wawie likes this.
  17. Dejz00

    Dejz00 Eternal Poster Established

    sana nga
    Wawie likes this.
  18. parang new year ah hinintay kung anu resulta?? hahaha countdown na to!!
    Wawie likes this.
  19. khushina07

    khushina07 Enthusiast Established

    ahaha.. sana nga kainis eh wlang back up d2 nanamn ako sa shop -_-
    potingcu and Wawie like this.
  20. Nag papabida nanaman hahahaha
    Wawie likes this.
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