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Ua15 tricks 2013 (welcome back)

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by babylyn, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. UA15 TRICK

    1. Load at least 15php.

    2. Type U15 send 4445.

    Take note: "U15" ommit "A"
    You'll be receiving a msg from SMART:
    (You have entered an invalid keyword. Transaction not charged. Please verify the keyword and try again. RC:1100)

    3. Then, Type UA15 send to 4445.

    4. Feedback.

    Note: meron nang nakapagpatunay kaso taga-ibang channel haha.
    nakuha ko lang to sa malapit na kaibigan
    try nalang, kung ayaw feedback padin.

  2. dba sa 4545 ang uat15 dati sir?
  3. Anong tricks dyan sir? load ka ng 15php valid for one day ba yan?
    Unli call and text ba yan sa smart /tnt
  4. UA15 Free anu ito ????????
  5. ua15 2 days unli txt to allnetworks cia txt lang wla namang trick jan..since last year june meron na tong promo na to..
  6. zzzzsssshhhhhhhhh.......
  7. kaya nga sir anu meron sa dun?matagal naman ng my UA15?
  8. U10 nalang send to 4445....hahahah
  9. ua15 po yun sir
  10. unli allnet 2days po
: ua15

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