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TalknText Talk n, text unlimited all network text trick

Discussion in 'Smart Communications & Talk n Text' started by cylenzcer09, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. 100% Tested Na Po Nang Ibang PHcians

    Para to sa mga nka register sa unlimited text na "0" balance pero nakakatext parin..

    Requirements :

    FIRST: mag register sa kahit anung promo ng TNT na unlimited text to SMART/TNT

    1. UnliTxt 5 Unlimited texts to TNT/ Smart
    -valid for 1 hour
    -How to Register
    (U5 send to 4545)
    2. UnliTxt10 Unlimited texts to TNT/ Smart
    -valid for 1 day.
    -How to Register
    (U10 send to 4545)
    3. UnliTxt 20 Unlimited texts to TNT/ Smart
    -valid for 3 days.
    -How to Register
    (U20 send to 3545)
    4. UnliTxt 150 Unlimited texts to TNT/ Smart
    -valid for 30 days...
    -How to Register (U150 send to 4545)
    SECOND::: Gawin pong "0"/ZERO BALANCE

    ANSWER--> kung my extra ka na piso itxt na yan sa ibang network para maging ZERO BALANCE
    1. text mo ang sarili mong # ng blank/kahit anong mensahe (1 message only)
    2. Text mo ung # na gusto mo text , like ur parents/bro/sis/relatives/gf/bf/classmates/ na naka (globe/Tm/Sun)

    pag ngtext si SMART
    eto sasabihin ---> ""you have no more load to use this service. Please top up any amont to resume texting. Thank you""

    xempre hindi nkapasok yung message mo(message not sent)/ pero meron din ung nasasesend mo (message sent) pero hindi pala nareceive ni receiver ang txt mo sa ibang networks.. para mareceive ung text mo gawin ang#3

    3. Text mo ulit ang sarili mong # ( 1 message only)

    4. Text mo na yung gusto mong text mo sa ibang network ( SEND TO MANY DAPAT 2-3

    mapa (globe/tm/sun ) at BOOOOMMM na send mo na ung messages mo UNLIMITED ALL-NETWORKS kana rin..

    NOTE : pag hindi na naman ma send ung mensahe mo/hindi mareceive ang text mo sa ibang networks (globe/Tm/sun) ulitin mo na naman ang procedure sa #1... tapus magtext ka na nman sa ibang networks at marereceive na naman ganun lang kadali.. ulit ulitin nio na lang ang procedure para LAHAT UNLI TEXT TO ALL NETWORKS NA... !!!

    Credits Sa Gumawa

    Hit Like na lng po pag nag work thnks :)

    Working As Of June 8, 2013

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2013
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    TNT user here, (y)
    cylenzcer09 likes this.
  3. Feedback nA lng Po kung Ayaw ..:giggle:
  4. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Diku pa ma try, talagang deads battery ku.
  5. Hehe Ok pu:))
    Sbhin mu lng pu kungnatry mu na if gumana ?
  6. Natry na po working po !
    cylenzcer09 and NhadX like this.
  7. hehehe .. Working thnks Thumbs Up(y)
  8. opo marami nga nagsabi working daw yan.. Kaso globe ako eh, thanks for sharing. :D
  9. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    +1 TESTED kuna, Working here (y)
    U10 lang ginamit ku :)
    jorpetxxx, mhegz1030 and NhadX like this.
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: cylenzcer09

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