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Samsung Samsung Champ C3303K and C3300K - Reflash your firmwares!!

Discussion in 'General Mobile Discussion' started by shadowclimber, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. Masaya magreflash ng phone... especially if you are the one doing it in your phone and you succeed..

    Good luck!

    1. Flash Loader 7.4 - Please or Register to view links
    2. Firmware for C3303K and C3300K
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    3. MicroUSB Cable
    4. C3300k/3303k Samsung Champ Phone
    5.OS must be Windows 7 or XP both 32bitt.
    (Flashing on other windows versions could have more problems.)
    Difficulty: Intermediate

    -Be sure phone battery are full charged.
    (To avoid corrupted flashing.)

    -Be sure remember your previous firmware after flashing. (dial *#1234#)
    (In just incase if you want to rollback your default firmware.)

    -Be Sure read the instruction's carefully.

    Part1... Installing DFU Class Driver in your Device Manager

    1. Prepare Phone Driver
    2.Off your Phone.. then HOLD VolumeDown and Lock Key then Connect USB PORT..
    (Wait the prompt in your computer said New device manager found)
    [If you see the prompt in your computer you may now remove the usb port in your phone]

    Download Screenshot how to install 52xdfu
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links

    Check your DeviceManager you will see DFU Class Driver
    If you see this you may now continue to next step Part 2 Re-Flashing

    Part 2... Re-flashing Steps
    1. Run Flash loader 7.4.4_SSG_v0.5.exe
    2. Click SET MODEL -> Select C3300_LIBRE_Setting_v02.mdl
    3. Check Application binary file -> browse for C3300KJP.ptt (From the Firmware folder)
    4. Check TFS File -> Browse for TFS file (From the Firmware folder)
    5. Check CSC File -> Browse for CSC file (From the Firmware folder)
    6. Click Start
    7. Turn OFF Phone.
    8. Press Volume Down + Lock key then Connect USB Cable to your Phone
    9. Wait the flashing finished. (Flashing takes Lessthan 20mins.. Depends for the Specs of your CPU.)

    (During the Flashing, your phone will be off, then when the flashing are finish, you will see the phone was charging.)

    (Incase if you have being failed dont PANIC just REPEAT Reflashing Step 1 to 8 until you SUCCEED)

    Do at your own risk. Not my responsibility for the Possible Damage can be made to your Phone
    Good Luck.

    [size=xx-small]Credits to Holodeck and BBmadz[/size]
  2. bakit poh di madetect ng flash loader yung phone ko???[hr]
    please helphelp
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  3. sana marunong din ako mag flash!!..nakakainggit!.at sana may firmware update na para sa phone ko..hay!.wlang kwenta samsung minsan.. ^_^
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  4. TS anung pagkakaiba ng Asian at Europe sa Arabic kasi Arabic ang inistall kung Firmware eh
  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sa core language settings yata @mhikael13. not sure.
  6. Nasubukan ko na parehas, ung sa Asian default Firmware kasi ganun din yung itsura ng champ ko bago ko ginawang Arabic eh, yung Europe naman same lang ng Arabic Firmware ang pagkakaiba lang 3 pages lang at may sariling bootup
  7. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yun ang sagot sa previous na tanung mu :D
    Wait natin si TS baka may iba pang differences yan.
  8. Kaya nga po sinubukan ko lahat para makita ko ang differences nila eh, sana may CFW para maiba naman ang interface ng Samsung Champ ko
  9. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  10. Salamat po idol:showoff:
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