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Pinakabagong promo ng talkntext 2013

Discussion in 'Smart Communications & Talk n Text' started by babylyn, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. type AP20 to 4545

    UnliCall to smart/tnt
    UnliText to smart/tnt

    valid for 1 day

    NOTE: mas maganda sya kumpara sa T20,wala kase syang time limit sa call
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    U30 > 4545 aku palage :)
  3. mag kano dapat balance ?????
  4. aw soory 20 pala heheheheheh
  5. paano gamitin ang call? tol *4549 po ba
  6. san poh eccnd ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  7. AP 20 TO 4545
  8. matry nga ito mamaya bossing. salamat sa pagshare.
  9. pangit promo na yan tnt lng pde twagan
  10. wala bang time limit yan pre? ang nakita ko sa commercial e 12nn to 6am e.
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