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Opera Mini Mod New!! Update Plus OM 7.5 Magic By Tacsobite..Guiatar Icon♪♪

Discussion in 'Modded Mobile Application' started by ♪tacsobite♪, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. [q. te="Jayazar!!, post: 373106, member: 109952"]Ngek. Ayaw sa SGY ko.
    By the way...
    Thank You Sir for sharing :)[/quote]
    Ah Sa sgy boss ang apn type gawin mo internet,mms,sulp check mo lhat yan
  2. Para sa sgy gawin nyo apn type internet,mms,sulp or default.
  3. panu i unzip to ts ..
  4. download po kayo ng unrar.apk premium..
  5. ok ts mgc parin 6 mb lng kaya pero salamat ts
  6. Ah Sa sgy boss ang apn type gawin mo internet,mms,sulp check mo lhat yan[/quote]
    anu po ang sgy
  7. APN : Please or Register to view links
    PRoxy: 8080
    The rest..make it default..

    ts. anu po proxy address? yung 8080 sa proxy address ko ba ilalagay?
  8. sori nagkamali.ako ok na naayos ko na..
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