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Globe & TM New bugging tricks 100% tested!

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by eevee, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. sa mga marunong nang magbug!
    GoALLNET500 + *143*3*2*5*1#
    to check : *143*1*4*1#
    (STATUS; Your remaining 20480kb of consumable internet from your goSAKTO subscription will expire on 3/08/13) preferably for phone use..
    successful yun!!

    GOsurfE999 + *143*1*1*3*5*2*1#

    UAT buhay pa!
    UNLIALLTRIO1400 + *143*3*3*3*2*2*1#

    SUPERSURF999 + *143*2*4*2*1# or BBMAX599 +*143*2*4*2*1#

    ANG GINAMIT KO PONG TRICKS AY GosurfE999 at UNLIALLTRIO1400.. (february 7, 2013)salitan ko pong ginawa w/ 1minute interval, naBUG ko po ang goSAKTO UNLIMITED SURFING FOR 1MONTH.. SO IBIG SABIHIN WORKING SYA
    check status: *143*1*4*1# (satus: your unlimited surfing from your gosaktosubscription will expire on 03/08/13) so 1month and 1day.. hahahh
    hindi ko lang po alm kung alin sa dalawa ang pumasok.. so it's up to you guys kung gagayahin nyo ko para cgurado or isang trick lang ang gagawin nyo.. MARAMING SALAMAT!!! (edited)

    Attached Files:

    • psiphon3.exe
      File size:
      862.8 KB
      Date Added: Feb 6, 2013
  2. aha tol pwede pala mag hide? Akala ko ba ang pwede ehide ay ang download link lang..sabagay baka download link to
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  3. nyc 1..bug na sim ko UAT..buhay pa SS999 d ba ma cut?
    sethpogi17 likes this.
  4. UAT din ang na bug ko ngaun... sana tumagal.. ung ss999 swertehan nlang yata.. may nakakachamba pa.. pag nakabug ka sa ss999, balance ka 222 then 1 minute.. supersurf999 to 8888 ulet.. tulad ng dati.. baka sakaling gumana pa.. ala naman nawawala sa pgtry.. THANKZ!!!!11
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  5. henji

    henji Forum Veteran Established

    working sakin UAT bos, still under observation tayong lahat, wait natin ang lifespan nya... ty..:)
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  6. boss anu po ibig sabihin ng 2421 sa supersurf999 + 2421??yan po ba and i'dadial??
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  7. henji

    henji Forum Veteran Established

    malamang dial num yan,,, try nyo lang po... bale parang SUPERSURF999 tas dial aga ng 2421, wala nang asterisk... paki try nalang.. :)
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  8. thanks for sharing po
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  9. ahh.. thank you boss :)
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  10. YUP!!!! ung goallnet500.. swabeng swabe.. pwede na sa phone!.. salamat1
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