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Globe & TM MAGIC IP Working sa Facebook apps for s40 only [EDIT NEW IP] 10/20/2k13

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by javacripz, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. go lang po..
  2. tol ask ko lang kasi ngayon lang ako mgtry nito..sa settings kc ok na nagawa ko na pero my nklagay homepage url..anu ilagay ko dun tol?
  3. Wala kana po ilalagay dun pero kung gusto mo eto po...
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  4. Ayaw sa n70 ko, pocket data not available. check network service. yan po nakalagay eh. Pano dapat gawin?
  5. sa build in lang po yan
  6. Pede makahingi ng Prov. File nito ?
  7. Yes im using my build in browser, but still i get the message.
  8. ser pa try sa x-02
  9. (y) ok to nagana sa build in FB, laguna po thanks...
: javacripz

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