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Tutorial How to change your mms.apk messaging background, screen background and bubbles

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by Prince2013, May 22, 2013.

  1. yes.
  2. ..nd po ba toh nkaka-bootloop.........?
  3. nope, pru kapag x yung ginawa munq steps, bka mawala yung apps na gusto mung i ninja.
  4. ..ok po...pero nd po compatible ung link nyo ng drawables skin.....Cherry mobile RAVE po kc gmit ko....wla po ako dung mkitang incoming o outgoing.png eh.....pno po un..?...tnx
  5. boss may iba ka p b mms bubbles pde pshare(y)
  6. look @ drawable.
  7. yan den po gamet ko eh, edit mms.
  8. Kuya pano po yun pag seperate? Specific po. Di ko po alam kung panong seperate po ba? Creat new folder or what? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  9. Di ko makita yun incoming at outgoing :/
  10. sa sd card munlnq ilagay pra madali.
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