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Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by ExZeus, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. All brand ng anroid phones pwede ang setup na to,

    ito mga list ng ANDROID PHONES:HTC Desire, HTC Hero, HTC Dream, HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus
    One, Samsung Galaxy Apollo, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Sony Xperia X10 Mini, Motorola DEXT, LG GT540, Samsung
    Galaxy Europa, ZTE Blade

    1. Press the Menu key

    2. Tap Settings

    3. Tap Wireless & networks

    4. Tap Mobile networks

    5. Tap Access Point Names

    6. Tap APN (if there are no APNs go to 10)

    7. Press the Menu key

    8. Tap Delete APN

    9. Repeat 6, 7 and 8 until no APNs remain

    10. Tap New APN

    11. Tap Name then tap the text box and enter (kahit anong name) then tap OK

    12. Tap APN then tap the text box and enter:
    then tap OK

    13. Username:blank

    14. Password:blank

    15. Tap MMSC then tap the text box and enter Please or Register to view links then tap OK

    NOTE: for globe lang po tong nilagay kong example,
    to find out para smart, hanapin niyo mms settings ng SMART and then kunin niyo yong homepage, tapos lagay niyo dito po.

    16. Tap MMS proxy then tap the text box and enter then tap OK

    17. Tap MMS port then tap the text box and enter 80 then tap OK

    18. Tap MCC then tap the text box and enter 234 then tap OK

    19. Tap MNC then tap the text box and enter 10 then tap OK

    20. Press the Menu key

    21. Tap Save

    22. Tap your new account so a green dot appears next to it

    23. Press the Back key four times to return to the standby screen.

    24. Turn your phone off and back on again


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  2. boss emulator for java file and jad maker pati java converter meron ka din? Ü
  3. Wala po boss, gprs settings lang po to, hindi ko kasi madl yong mga yan eh, pag may time tayo.hehe
  4. sir author bat na-sesave? Galaxy mini po yun unit. Tnx
  5. AW thanks for this wonder ful post
  6. working pb yan sir? Kc ayaw gumana s samsung..my pang hanler om settings kb sir? Pang android?tnx
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  7. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  8. bosing.... how does it works? pwde patulong newbie lng po aku dito. sana matulungan mo aku. di ku masyado na intindihan ehhh pagkatapos kung ginawa to after nag tap po aku ng save bigla po nawala yong new apn ko... bosing wats da first step?
  9. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sana ma aware dito si boss Tinoz.
    Wala pa naman akung idea sa Android, BZ na kasi cya dun. :/

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