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MAC address Globe wimax bm622i (2010,2011) mac address changer script

Discussion in 'WiMAX, Canopy, other Modems' started by june101, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. bakit kaya d k madownload?.....?
  2. sana madowload kna....,tanxs.....
  3. sallamat......,
  4. sir jun101. bkt po could open connection to the host port 23 pdin ang erro sakin na download ko n po framework 4 at meron na disable ko po ang firewall . tapos meron din error na is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file thanks po sa reply sir jun
  5. p try
  6. anu po b ung password help nman dyan......,
  7. be sure na naka connect wimax mo sa lan. bago mo run yung script
  8. same lang be sure connected sa lan wimax mo. before mo run yung script. san ka sa bulacan.
  9. Try mo to:

    1. Scan Ip Range Using Wimax Tools / Scavenger Scraper

    2. Open Browser And Type The Ip Na Scan
    Nyo Then Log In As User / Copy Mac And Generate
    Admin Password

    3. Log In As Admin > Go To Wimax > Security >
    Default Domain Is
    Globelines.com.ph / Vip Mac = globetel.com.ph
    Pag Globetel / Huawie / Innove Ung Domain Mac Na Scan Nyo 100% Vip Mac Yan -
    - globelines.com.ph Is The Default Config Para Mag Connect You Need To Edit Domain -
    - Pero Di Lahat Ng Vip Mac Is 8mbps+ -
    - Isang Malaking Kalokohan Po Un -
    - Marami Kasi Nagyayabang Nakahawak Lang Ng Mamaw Mac Nag-Angas Na -

    Sample Ng Vip Mac Na Hindi 8mbps -
    - Di Cya Mag Connect Pag Di Pinalitan Ang Domain -
    - Mac > 00 : 1E : 10 : 32 :C3 : B2 - 00:1E:10:32:C4:B2
    - Gui Settings
    - Nai Domain > globetel.com.ph -
    - User Id Domain > globetel.com.ph -

    Gui Settings change this in security
    - Nai Domain > globetel.com.ph
    - User Id Domain > globetel.com.ph
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  10. mga master.. pano po ba ma de2tect ng pc yung wimax bm625? kino connect ko lang, then?
    ano na pong next na procedure? wala nman pong khit anong nangya2ri pagka connect ko, wala nman pong ma detect.. pano po ba un?
    help po.. thnk u..

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