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MAC address Globe wimax bm622i (2010,2011) mac address changer script

Discussion in 'WiMAX, Canopy, other Modems' started by june101, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Globe Wimax BM622i
    Package 2010 and 2011 Mac Address Changer Script Procedure [TESTED]
    Credits to the Author. repost by: June101:)
    Mga ka phcorner kung may disconnected wimaxbm622i kayo dyan eto solution para maka connect uli and this time for FREE..
    1.) Download this BM622i firmware and VBS script:
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    1.) Connect your BM622i modem.
    2.) Turn off your firewall and antivirus.
    3.) Open the BM622i firmware you downloaded lately and let it open NOTE: DO NOT UPGRADE!
    4.) Right Click on the .VBS script and edit the config. Replace the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx with your working mac address.
    5.) Wait until your modem reboot and try to browse the web :)
    Ito na ang mga tabs para sa BM622i 2011 credits sa naka discover.
    Then open tab, eto format after html ilagay nyo ung link na gusto nyong pasukin sa 622i nyo
    sample :
    Admin_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status'));
    Admin_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
    Admin_0_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device1'),'../status/deviceinfo.asp');
    Admin_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
    Admin_0_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status0'),'../status/internetstatus.asp');
    Admin_0_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
    Admin_0_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Internet'),'../status/internet.asp');
    Admin_0_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_0_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIP0'),'../status/voipinfo.asp');
    Admin_0_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
    Admin_0_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAXStatus'),'../wimax/estate.asp');
    Admin_0_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('ScanInfo'),'../wimax/scanInfo.asp');
    Admin_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Basic'));
    Admin_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
    Admin_1_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'),'../ntwkall/wan.asp');
    Admin_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
    Admin_1_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('DHCP'),'../ntwkall/dhcp.asp');
    Admin_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_1_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpAccount'),'../voip/sipbasic.asp');
    Admin_1_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpServer'),'../voip/sipserver.asp');
    Admin_1_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('SpeedDial'),'../voip/sipspeeddial.asp');
    Admin_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Advanced'));
    Admin_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'));
    Admin_2_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'),'../security/firewall.asp');
    Admin_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('NAT'));
    Admin_2_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('ALG'),'../application/alg.asp');
    Admin_2_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('DMZ'),'../application/dmz.asp');
    Admin_2_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('PortMapping'),'../application/portmapping.asp');
    Admin_2_1_3 = new MenuItem(eval('PortTrigger'),'../application/porttrigger.asp');
    Admin_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'));
    Admin_2_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'),'../network/qos.asp');
    Admin_2_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'));
    Admin_2_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'), '../network/vlan.asp');
    Admin_2_4 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'));
    Admin_2_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'),'../ntwkall/sntp.asp');
    Admin_2_5 = new MenuItem(eval('CWMP'));
    Admin_2_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('TR069'),'../network/tr069.asp');
    Admin_2_6 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_2_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SipAdvanced'),'../voip/sipadvanced.asp');
    Admin_2_6_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoiceCodec'),'../voip/sipvoicecodec.asp');
    Admin_2_6_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Voice'),'../voip/voiceadvanced.asp');
    Admin_3 = new MenuItem(eval('Maintain'));
    Admin_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
    Admin_3_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Reset'),'../management/reset.asp');
    Admin_3_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Firmware'),'../management/firmware.asp');
    Admin_3_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'));
    Admin_3_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'),'../management/diagnose.asp');
    Admin_3_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'));
    Admin_3_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'),'../management/logcfg.asp');
    Admin_3_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG0'),'../management/logview.asp');
    Admin_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
    Admin_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'));
    Admin_4_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'),'../wimax/security.asp');
    Admin_4_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Certificate'),'../wimax/certificate.asp');
    Admin_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'));
    Admin_4_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'),'../wimax/scanset.asp');
    Admin_5 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
    Admin_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
    Admin_5_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'../wizard/wizard.asp');
    Admin_6 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
    Admin_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
    Admin_6_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'/lang/help_content.html');
    ITO ANG PINA KA IMPORTANTE para maka change ng domain sa mga naka VIP MAC ITO:
    Connect Frequency
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    NAI, User ID, and Password at Domain
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
    ALG Settings

    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
  2. tnx for sharing.....................................................
  3. ma try nga to.................................
  4. tnx for sharing nito, masubukan nga......
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  5. boss ayaw ko ma download p help po iba link please......
  7. di po ba to delikado? kc pwede po kayo makulong pag nlaman ng globe >_<
  8. Hindi po. basta totally disconnected na po ang wimax.. wala pong kaso matagal na po ito..
  9. meron kabang wimax bm622 or wimaxbm622i na disconnected .. bilin ko kung meron ka dyan
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  10. binabawi kasi ng globe yan. kung bibigay mo . pwede mo naman sabihin na nawala. o napaglaruan ng bata. kasi disconnected na nga
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