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Smart & TalknText Free text sa smart at tnt (march28,2013)

Discussion in 'Smart Communications & Talk n Text' started by babylyn, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. babylyn submitted a new resource:

    Please or Register to view links (version smart/tnt) - COLLECT TEXT

    Please or Register to view links
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  2. Digit No. NONG SIM?.......................
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  3. digit ng ittext pards
  4. boss working n po b to ...xayang my load kc aq eh d q msubukan..
  5. next time mo nalang gamitin pag piso nalang load mo :***:
  6. next time mo nalang gamitin pag piso nalang load mo :***:
  7. Anu to sir kpaq 1P na load mo magiging unli ? :D
  8. tnx...:-P xna po tlga gumana yn pg ala n load hehehe..in case of emergency my pntxt dn..
  9. Please or Register to view links
  10. Collect txt?
    db ung RECEIVER mu ng msg
    ung mgbABayad ng txt mOh!
    useless din..

    hnd din FREE TXT..
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