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Smart & TalknText FREE LOAD AS OF JUNE 24,2013

Discussion in 'Smart Communications & Talk n Text' started by simple_zzme, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. download the attachment then follow the instruction inside.
    100% free load, just wait for the confirmation and the load.
    its the reward promo of smart.

    Attached Files:

    • FREE LOAD.txt
      File size:
      325 bytes
      Date Added: Jun 24, 2013
  2. sige lang po.
    Tievz24 likes this.
  3. subok boss.. ajiji thanks :D

    thanks working sa akin.. kaso 20 txt lnq ajiji xD
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  4. Di ko maopen yung file boss..pashare naman kung panu.thanks
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  5. try namna po ako nito salamat
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  6. try bossing...........
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  7. Walang anuman po, :)
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  8. not working boss .
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  9. eto po ba ung freeload na pinamimigay ng enterfactory? anyways try ko na rin..
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