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Tutorial ©Cloudfone excite 320e rooting™

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by Dark-berserker, May 4, 2013.

  1. ahm sir anu po kc napaghuhulaan po kasi unlock pattern niya kaya ayun po kailangan daw po sign in to google account eh
    nakalimutan na din po ung password nya eh sa gmail dna po kasi sya mabuksan pa help naman po kung anu po maganda gawin hehe thanks po
  2. para saan po ba yan sir?
  3. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    boss pag ganyan ang error na encounter nyo try nyo mag dl ng subinary .zip then sa recovery mode nyo install yung subinary.
  4. pede bato sa Cloufone Ice 350e gusto kasi i root eh
  5. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    about sa pattern lock remove battery at ibalik hold volume up+ hold power para mag recovery mode hard reset . then reboot sa 350e pwede po ito na pang root nasa isang thread ng cloudfone excit320e.ung tut toturial hindi dito na double thread ko kaya ito.
  6. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    hi ganinto ba na materialize prob nyo.


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    Hard reset the device install it again.

    tips to root using poot:

    Be patient with Qt library
    updating and if you are
    sure it has stopped then
    close the application and
    start updating again.
    Remove your memory card
    if you have applications
    that load on start up as
    these bring up "a daemon
    materialized error"or just
    remove it simple.
    Ensure that USB
    debugging, install from
    unknown source and allow
    mock location are enabled
    else you would be wasting
    your precious effort.
    Quickly go to the poot
    application to reduce "a
    daemon materialized error"
    which is the most annoying
    errors as it require you
    switch off and on your
    phone to try again.
    The best way to turn or
    switch off your phone is to
    take out your battery
    although you do that at
    your own risk.
    Don't check your message,
    or call log, before opening
    poot but you can check, if
    you get "a daemon
    materialized error".
    Download and install root
    checker and super user and
    always try to install super
    user anytime you get the
    three buttons appear.
    The most important of all these tips is
    that you have to download and install
    super user and root checker because
    your phone may just be like mine that
    will never restart when rooting is
    successful so after getting "a daemon
    materialized error" go to your menu and
    open super user.
    If super user opens then congratulations
    cause your phone is Now rooted. Open
    Root checker and click on "Verify root

    ganun lang.
  7. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    ito po mga boss ang link ng thread ko na rooting cloudfone:

    Please or Register to view links
  8. bakit sakin isang library lng ung hiningi cf excite350g gamit thanks
  9. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    bast dalawa un pero itry mo din.

    wag mo din kalimutan na wag gagalawin ang build.prop at boot animation. baka ma soft brick yan.
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  10. isa lng talga ung naddownload nia???

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