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Globe & TM Butas tricks bilisan nyo habang sobrang init ngaun

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by gio0828, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. try nyo lang po at observe muna.... ;)

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      Date Added: Mar 21, 2013
  2. patry nga kung tlgang hot.....
  3. jemphine

    jemphine Enthusiast Established

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  4. Hot na hot kaya talaga?
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  5. patry sana gosakto to. .................
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  6. Bilis! Habulin nyo ko...... Party po...
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  7. patry ngayon. baka lumamig...
    jeevan2013 likes this.
  8. habulin natin si globobo..hehehe pa try...
    jeevan2013 likes this.
  9. ....patry sana nga po working to:jump:
  10. Sana gumana to..salamat boss
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