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ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of Destiny

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by La Freak, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of Destiny
    ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of Destiny l Version:1.0.0 | Size:41.32MB
    Developers: GAMEVIL Inc. | Language:English

    ZENONIA® 5: Wheel of Destiny
    The Definitive Action RPG Returns!
    Long ago, a great war was fought to restore peace and harmony to mankind. But as the years passed, greed and selfishness corrupted the hearts of man. The elite rich began to exploit the poor and great darkness came over the kingdom.
    Then, from the ruins of a slum village, rises a hero destined for greatness…
    Immerse yourself once again in the best action RPG for mobile. Defeat impossible bosses and unravel the mysteries in stunning HD!

    Play like you’ve never played before as each action sequence syncs in tune with your second by second reflexes and reactions!
    Experience the game through four different heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin- with the unique strengths and special moves!
    Customize, level up and equip your hero with a massive array of options and skill charts as you delve into the mysteries of Deva Castle!
    Take on challenges as you play in asynchronous PvP with characters from all over the world. Reap the rewards in the Abyss as you discover rare and legendary items!
    With hundreds of side quests and adventures, the story and challenges never end. Discover new items and rewards as you dive into the mysteries of ZENONIA® 5!
    Read Contact Data is intended for the sole use of integrating the GAMEVIL LIVE Platform. The data herein is confidential and will never be distributed to the public without notice. Other non-gaming related permissions are required to prevent in game piracy.
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  2. try nie q.. not working in offline.. online po ba e2?
    kulang info. po?
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  3. ol yan bro ang alam ko
  4. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

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  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hindi yan deadlink, palitan nyu lang ng tamang word yung dôwnlôad sa url.
  6. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

    online atah sir