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TalknText Working proxy server para sa mga leecher katulad ko na pinaasapr

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Pradojay21, Sep 28, 2016.

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    working po yan guys gamit ko now. Feedback nalang po at like.
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  2. 1st blood tnks... delete nyo na PAPS.
  3. darrenlocke

    darrenlocke Addict Established

  4. raffylinga

    raffylinga Enthusiast Established

  5. agent_orange29

    agent_orange29 Addict Established

  6. I like na kita TS, will test later.

  7. Mohmss

    Mohmss Enthusiast Established

    Ty ts try ko mamaya
  8. nurham

    nurham Enthusiast Established

  9. silversoul

    silversoul Addict Established

  10. reserv1399

    reserv1399 Enthusiast Established

    ***** eto yung palaging lumalabas sa log na akala mo payload na kapag ginamitan mo ng tpacketcapture kaso 100% hindi hehe
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  11. badenmike34

    badenmike34 Journeyman Established

  12. sysy

    sysy Enthusiast Established

    Not working but any ways thanks for sharing
  13. palobing03

    palobing03 Addict Established

  14. ayos...mabilis cya thanks
  15. badenmike34

    badenmike34 Journeyman Established

    Saan area mo?
  16. free

    free Grasshopper Established

  17. skysy031

    skysy031 Enthusiast Established

  18. creamo09

    creamo09 Addict Established

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