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Globe & TM Unlialltrio1400 bug tricks for globe/tm

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by alzhel17, Feb 12, 2013.



Poll closed Feb 12, 2013.
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  1. February 6, 2013 Updates for Unlialltrio

    Atleast 1-5 php Load balance

    Globe BugTricks New Dial Tricks -
    1 . dial and save first this as"A" to yourContacts = *143*3*3*3*2*2*1# or pwede din po ito *143*3*3*3*2*1*1# kahit saan lng po sa dalawa.. pili lang po kayo..

    2. Go text message settings and chage your messege centre to "+1168893005"

    3. Text UNLIALLTRIO1400 and to 8888.

    4.Then dial the number from STEP 1 (letter "A" = *143*3*3*3*2*2*1#)
    text must be sent firstbefore the dial . . . Timing lng po yan.. 1 text at 1 dial lang po

    5 . After RECEIVING the TEXTS from 8888 na sorry hindi sapat ang iyong load. blah blah. .

    6. wag na po kayong mag status, browse po agad.. pag hindi po makapasok browse ulitin lang po process, then pagnakabrowse po kayo dapat po up to 3 pages then after
    makabrowse po.. status po kayo sa unlialltrio just text po UNLIALLTRIO
    STATUS then send po sa 8888

    THIS is for TM
    T M Sim (same process change messege centre and do this tricks)

    1. Dial and save first this as
    "A" to your PHONEBOOK = SS200 = *143*2*4*2*1#

    2. Text SUPERSURF999 send to 8888 . . .

    3. Then dial the number from STEP 1 (letter "A" *143*2*4*2*1#)

    Pag hindi pa din po kayo makapasok ulitin lang po ng ulitin niyo... Patient lang
    po kailangan niyo po dito... Feedback lang po kailangan ko sa inyo masaya na po ako...

    [​IMG] po sa patuloy nyo pagsuporta sa forumsite ng PHC marami pong salamat..
  2. Akala ko my new tricks na sa tm wew
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  3. IDOL NAG PROCESS PO AKO NANG GANyn may tecs mssge ako na rcv . Sorry d spat ang unq bal. Connected n po b ? Tnx

    Boss khit b d na ausin unq messg centre. D ko kc mkta unq mssge centre sa cp. Un b unq sim sms adress? Tnx!
  4. dapat ba naka on ung packet data ts??
    nagtxt saken un 8888 ung isa unable to proces ung isa not enough balance ok naba un???
  5. copy paste amf! galing to sa vain17 . userboard . net ah???????
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  6. oi toto ba to.... parang hindi gumagana sa akin ng try na aku txt tapus dail tayming lang.. tapus 3x ku ganawa.. bakit hindi gumana..? :chin:

    alzhez pa help nmn uhhh...:worthy:
  7. panu b uns ss200 anu gawin dun

    panu mag status sa tm po.kung registerd n
  8. kung hindi po working pki patay na po hehe sorry ...............
  9. ok lang ba kahit di palitan msg cntr?
  10. working ba to kahit walang load?
  11. hindi po baka hindi working yan pag d mo pinalitan
  12. hindi minimum of 1 or 2php
  13. ang ganda mo pala azhel17 :) :angelic: :love:
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  16. Gmit kau ng globoom .. kahit zero balance pwede mgbug anytime pwede magbug. Please or Register to view links
  17. wala po ba step by step nyan d ako sanay ih
  18. pwede po humingi ng fb account niyo? hehehe :)
    crackers likes this.
  19. first open mu dashbord. . second connect. pag connected n. open u si globoom . lagay u ung number ng broadbnd mu . select promo recommended ko ung tatlong UAT EX.promo 1 UAT1400 promo 2 UAT350 promo 3. UAT150 and then click SUBSCRIBE. may dadating n message si 8888 sa dashboard mu. paste mu isa isa sa URL 1 , URL 2 URL 3. and click BOOM. note: 30 sec o less lng ang duration ng URL dpat m paste mu agad within 30 seconds lhat ng url ni 8888 . after nun wait ka ng 3 minutes pag nag karon n ng ping
    BUG n Sim mu. .. pag ala pang ping ulitin mu lang. . di k mabibigo...: )
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