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UC Web Mod Uc8.8+turbo2.

Discussion in 'Modded Mobile Application' started by kekhel, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. For Globe: Reverse Tricks

    Use myGlobeConnect

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    *(mini5-1.opera-mini.net mini5.opera-mini.net\
    Mark Reverse Proxy

    Proxy Type:

    Host or RealHost
    Proxy Server:,
    For Smart: MMS Trick

    Use Smart MMSFrontQuery: @

    *(mini5-1.opera-mini.net mini5.opera-mini.net\z18-01.opera-mini.net z18-01.opera-mini.net)

    globe conect cya ucb 8.8

    MOD EDIT: please re-upload your attachment

    Attached Files:

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  2. hindi ako dunong mag post kayo na bahala.
  3. error ung link po.. ung attached files unavailable po
  4. yan na try download ninyo....sa smart try ninyo kung work siya...
    Maricar Del Rosario likes this.
  5. ayos to boss, thanks
  6. wala iyon basta meron akung bago share ko sa iba....
  7. maydec

    maydec Leecher Established

    pwd ba to sa mga china phone
  8. sana po maka pag mod para sa android
  9. puwede pokung may java player...
    lapusen and Braks like this.
  10. download capable po ba ito?
  11. diba katay na ang %40?!..
  12. thanks... expired na ba talga ung %40?
  13. pa try ha,.,.,. gumagana pa ba ang myglobe???
  14. thanks for apk
    can this download for big file??
  15. j

  16. PATAY NA C GLOBE CONNECT........... hanap nalang tayo ng bug nya.
  17. thanks sa share po try qo po eto boss..thank you uli
  18. pa try po................
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