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Globe & TM Tutorial: working tm bug trick 12/05/12

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by mhegz1030, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Note: this tutorial is for tm users only. Tried and tested by me.

    1) Cp <capable of doing sms+dial trick>much better kung 3G ang signal.
    2) Tm sim with one peso load. (even w/o load but much better kung meron)


    1) Save this to your contacts *143*2*5*5*1# (this is powersurf299) gawan nyo ng speed dial para madali madial.

    2) After magawa ang first procedure ay make a msg. and save it to drafts:

    A.] POWERSURF499 to 8888
    B.] MB499 to 8888
    (Gumawa kau ng tig tatlong ganyan at save it to drafts)

    -kailangan halos sabay ang text at dial magsend.

    Punta sa drafts:
    1) Send A. then dial ung nasa contacts or use ur speed dial. After mareceive ang text ni 8888, wait for "25 seconds" then do step 2.

    2) Send B. then dial again ung naisave. Wait for "25 seconds" again after mareceive ang text from 8888.

    3) Just repeat step 1 and 2 three times.

    4) Pagkatapos magawa lahat ng steps text PSURFMB STATUS to 8888. Wait for message to arrive.

    5) If registered ang nakalagay congrats, if not try it again bka kulang sa timing (y)

    That's All
    Gud Luck (y)
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  2. thanks... for Sharing Feedback later... :)

    ---> ahm boss, di ba yan katulad ng SS999?
  3. ..hindi po Powersurf po sya hindi supersurf.
  4. 1GB consumable internet mobile or pc for 1month,.depende kung ano ung pumasok pwedeng 300mb lang..pwede ding madagdagan pag nakareg kana tas nagsuccess ka ulit sa 2nd try,3rd try etc.

  5. Boss, medyo makonsumo ako pagdating sa Downloading.. ok na rin to :)
  6. ..Ok na ok po talaga sya sa downloading dahil ang limit nya ay dipende sa Mb or GB na nakalagay sa status mo..at pwedeng madagdagan habang nagsusuccess ang bugging mo. Pwede din yan ipatong kay ss999 ..meaning pwede silang sabay gamitin.

  7. boss panu magCheck ng NAKUNSUMONG data?
  8. ..PSURFMB STATUS to 8888 or hanapin mo sa *143# ung powersurf499 tapos ung status... Nakalagay na dun ung naconsume eto saken.

    You're currently registered to PowerSurf MB. You have 1048545KB of consumable mobile internet. Your subscription will end on 03/01/13 11:16. Please maintain P1 to continue using the service. To stop service, text PSURFMB STOP to 8888. Stopping a service will forfeit unused mobile data.

  9. salamat po :)
  10. tested b2 sa zero balance?
  11. ..pakitry nalang po may balance po kase akong 1 peso nung itry ko.

  12. pwede yan bos.. sa SS999 nga nakaGlitch ako even ZERO bal.
  13. .
    welcome sige lang po.
  14. pan0 nMAn ang ss999 nyan?
  15. tol ibang promo to hindi to supersurf, powersurf po sya..
  16. may alam bA kayo na free call trick?
  17. edgarlars

    edgarlars Addict Established

    Pa try ako sir,hindi kasi ako magsuccess sa ss999.Fb kita bukas ayaw na kasi magreplay ni 8888
  18. Anu gagwin ko if ? ito lumabas

    You Dont Have enough Load to register etc ?
    TM po yan
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