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Tips to Improve System Speed

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by yus15, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    1. Let your PC boot up completely before opening any applications.
    2. Refresh the desktop after closing any application. This will remove any unused files from the RAM.
    3. Do not set very large file size images as your wallpaper. Do not keep a wallpaper at all if your PC is low on RAM (less than 64 MB).
    4. Do not clutter your Desktop with a lot of shortcuts. Each shortcut on the desktop uses up to 500 bytes of RAM
    5. Empty the recycle bin regularly. The files are not really deleted from your hard drive until you empty the recycle bin.
    6. Delete the temporary internet files regularly.
    7. Fragment your hard drive once every two months. This will free up a lot of space on your hard drive and rearrange the files so that your applications run faster.
    8. Always make two partitions in your hard drive. Install all large software (like PSP, Photoshop, 3DS Max etc) in the second partition. Windows uses all the available empty space in C drive as virtual memory when your Computer RAM is full. Keep the C Drive as empty as possible.
    9. When installing new software disable the option of having a tray icon. The tray icons use up available RAM, and also slow down the booting of your PC. Also disable the option of starting the application automatically when the PC boots. You can disable these options later on also from the Tools or preferences menu in your application.
    10. Protect your PC from dust. Dust causes the CPU cooling fan to jam and slow down thereby gradually heating your CPU and affecting the processing speed. Use compressed air to blow out any dust from the CPU. Never use vacuum.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
    RUN PC in SAFE MODE you'll find out the BIG Difference hehehe ^_^.
    Good Job TS I'm gonna give you a like for this Thread ^_^.
    yus15 likes this.
  3. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Thanks :)
  4. Your Welcome ^_^.
  5. ano po ba pinagkaiba ng safe mode sa regular boot
  6. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    From the word itself, it is safe :)
  7. ang ibig kong sabihin ay kong bakit naging mas mabilis ang safe mode
  8. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Pareho naman po siyang mabils kaso mas ok sa safe mode :)
  9. ngayon ko lang nalaman ang totoong purpose ng refresh. hehe. antagal ko na gumagamit ng PC..

    Salamat sa share TS :)
  10. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Hehe :)
  11. juggernaut14

    juggernaut14 Addict Established

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