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Tutorial syponshield101 settings

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by cclarisse52, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. cclarisse52

    cclarisse52 Addict Established

    Create New APN:
    Name: m. globe. net
    APN:, Please or Register to view links
    Proxy: 203.177.10966
    Port: 8080
    MMSC: Please or Register to view links
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    Authentication type: PAP
    -Open Psiphone
    Go to OPTION
    More Options
    Under Proxy settings:
    Check "Connect through an HTTP Proxy"
    Select "Use the following settings"
    Host Address:
    Port: 8080
    Talk N' Text / SMART
    [netData]\r\nGET Please or Register to view links HTTP/1.1\r
    \nHost: Please or Register to view links \r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\nP
    roxy-Connection: keep-alive\r\nX-Online-Host:
    Please or Register to view links \r\n\r\n
    GET Please or Register to view links HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:
    Please or Register to view links \r\nConnection: keep-alive\r\nProxy-
    Connection: keep-alive\r\nX-Online-Host: Please or Register to view links
    fcgi_input_file_handle => IO::Handle->new,fcgi_output_fi
    le_handle => IO::Handle->new, fcgi_error_file_handle =>
    IO::Handle->new, });
    while (CGI::Fast->new){
    Add Port to Non-Port URL:
    Remove Port:
    Proxy Type:
    Real Host
    Custom Header:
    Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Type:
    Real Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Port:
    Filter: m.waze.com
    Remove port: check[√]
    Proxy type: Real host
    Custom Header : X-Online-Host Please or Register to view links
    Proxy server: Please or Register to view links
    Real proxy type: Default
    Real proxy server:
    Real Port:80
    Credits Rhudlyn Lim for the settings
    DZEBB(John Vincent Diaz)
    Ariz Dagunan
    Renren Tan II
    Kaneki Ken
    Ramivlus Anito

    Note: gumagana din yan sa ibang phisphon apk's :)
    tnt setting gamit ko working sya since katay na yung sm299 hahah enjoy :)
  2. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  3. NodeJs

    NodeJs Enthusiast Established

  4. yonek

    yonek Enthusiast Established

  5. boss yung globe working poba?
  6. cclarisse52

    cclarisse52 Addict Established

    depende po.. mahirap po commonect sa globe eh specialy kung walang promo.. pero try nyo rin .. goodluck:)
  7. Rhod27

    Rhod27 Enthusiast Established

    Thanks working globibo
  8. cclarisse52

    cclarisse52 Addict Established

  9. Tolits20

    Tolits20 Journeyman Established

  10. Thanks for sharing ts :)
  11. masubukan to ts salamat..
  12. Salamat kapatid :)
    Wahime123 likes this.
  13. Kailngan po copy lahat?
    I mean para sa smart halimbawa..
    And kailangan may load?
  14. cclarisse52

    cclarisse52 Addict Established

  15. Yuhneh

    Yuhneh Addict Established

    Thanks po, working as globe :)
  16. Salamat po...
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