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Sun Free Load P20

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by orland ace valenzuela, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Gusto nyo ba ng free load sa Sun?

    Basta may regular load kang P3 magkakaroon ka na ng libreng load na P20.

    Just text BENTE to 2474.

    Isang beses lang itong pwedeng gawin sa isang sim pero kung gagamit ka pa ng iba mong Sun sim magkakaroon at magkakaroon ka ng P20 load.
    Bago lang ito!

    Promo valid 'til June 26, 2013 per DTI#4046.
  2. Nice one LOL

    YAY! may working trick na rin. remember to turn off lang po or mababawasan ng P10 a day!
    orland ace valenzuela likes this.
  3. araw araw
    mababawasan po ng 10/ day?
  4. great!!! it works. 2 sun sim ko nag ka load ng P20, syempre OFF agad baka bawiin... hehehe
  5. pasubok walang pangload pulubi ako
  6. wew paano to e off?
  7. pa try nito sir tnx sa share :)
  8. Up ko lang eto mga boss working nanaman eto as of july 2013
  9. Text EF OFF to 2474
  10. is it working until now?:)
  11. Yup.:)
  12. Thank you for the repz bossing..
  13. Your welcome bro.
  14. working nga po sir,thanks for this nagkaload ako ng 20.
  15. akala ko pang SMart lang to? PEro sure working po yan sa SMART
  16. pati sa globe po boss.:)
    Who Cares likes this.

  17. sa 2474 din ba boss?
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