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Tutorial Simple trick to established your connection.

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by Ronnenriquez, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. First you need to download Radio Philippines, then after you download. Connect into your Any VPN's na pagong! Then open mo si Radio! As you can see less dc na siya, it means established na connection mo! Screenshot_2016-10-09-19-40-06.png
    1:56:52 hours n siya na connect. Pero pwede nyo din samahan ng Pingtools at L4D, kaso mabilis syang malolobat hahahaha. Diba ang saya? Nakainternet kana may Sounds kapa.
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  2. 404 Not Found

    404 Not Found Addict Established

  3. Sige lang boss, hit like okay nako! :LOL::love:
  4. mikez125

    mikez125 Enthusiast Established

  5. raffylinga

    raffylinga Enthusiast Established

    Ahaha.feedback nman jan
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  6. lmj09

    lmj09 Forum Veteran Established

    Keep on sharing
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  7. useful to....
    salamat dito boss
  8. Jaymark123

    Jaymark123 Forum Guru Established

  9. Nice..salamat sa share
  10. dhehra

    dhehra Addict Established

    Sa playstore po ba ma download yan boss?
  11. ternence

    ternence Addict Established

  12. ronnelX16

    ronnelX16 Addict Established

  13. eumhiel

    eumhiel Enthusiast Established

    thanks sa share ts san yong link ng apps na yan

    thanks sa share ts san yong link ng apps na yan
  14. haha astig, salamat po bossing sa pag share
  15. MackitsAA86

    MackitsAA86 Addict Established

    Seguro nga...
    More Experiment to Come..
  16. frankie09

    frankie09 Enthusiast Established

  17. thanks boss,pero para sah akin naka depende parin yan sa remote proxy kasi akin 4ours na akong naka connect na walang gamit na pang stable connection,
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