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Rpg game: gods war fallen angel 240x320 english

Discussion in 'Symbian Games' started by mhegz1030, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Gods War: fallen angel lucifer(English translated)


    Astig din graphics nito,



    added attachment for 176x208 reso.. Nasa baba pakicheck nalang yung idodownload nyo.

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    Java games for 240x320

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  2. sir meron po bang 320x240 nito?hndi po kasi magfit sa nokia e71 ko..astig kasi laruin hehe..sana po meron..salamat po.
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  3. sige po wait mo lang ihahanap kita :D
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  4. maraming salamat po.:)
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  5. salamat po sa paghihintay.
    Eto na po ang request mo.

    320x240 Gods war fallen angel..credits sa translator. Click mo nalang po ung link

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    :D palike nalang po ng thread.
  6. tama po ba nalike ko..?haha bago lng po kasi..maraming salamat po ulit.. :)
  7. :Dsige lang.. Don't forget to hit "LIKE" nalang mga boss (y) magdadagdag pa ko pag may time.
  8. (y) boss meron po ba pang nokia 7610?.., nalaro ko na po ito kaya lang b0x b0x ang language eh!.., maganda siguro pag english!.., hehehe :D
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  9. 176x208 screen reso yan diba? eto lang nakita kong translated eh :D ah meron pala abang ka nalang hanapin ko pa.. Malolowbat na ko eh..
  10. opo yan nga ang res0lution!.., cge po thanks!.., (y) tan0ng ko lang po may part 3 na po ba it0ng g0ds war?.., sarap kc laruin mga rpg games eh!.., :D
  11. meron na nyan translated pa hirap lang hanapin.. nabura ko na nga eh.
  12. eto na po request mo.. Sorry kung natagalan.. 176x208 resolution:D

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  13. thanks po d2!.., (y) sana po my part 3 na din :D
  14. b0ss bkit part 1 lang sya?.., (n)
  15. ay ou nga pla, part 1 lang pla e2!.., hehehe, tap0s kn na po pla ito!.., :)

    Gods War Ji 2 - Death Mysteries
    yan pala ung part 2, b0ss mer0n na po bang english version yan?.., tap0s ko na din po yan, kaya lang ndi english versi0n, hahaha... Kapa kapa lang!.., :)
  16. hanap ako:D
  17. 0k cge po bh0zz!.., mamatz!.., :)
  18. meron ako nakita kaso di pa translated ang dialogues..quests lang saka galing ibang forum site.. Sa 240x320 reso nakita ko na.:D
  19. yung sa 240x320 translated na po ba?..,
  20. opo pero may konti nalang chinese daw.
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