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Tutorial Root.xperia 4.0.4 rom [all h/m(dpi)] | 4.1.b.0.431

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by Wyvern-heart, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    Hi guys share ko na din sa naghahanap dyan para sa SE but most important this is credited to xda developers and to DragonClawsAreSharp.

    lage ko ito nadadaanan.doon ko din nalaman paano iroot ang CMcandy chat ko.

    I. Downgrade:

    Since rooting directly in 4.0.4 is not possible, one needs to downgrade to a rootable GB ROM to root. (Skip this step if you are already in GB).

    To Downgrade, you need to flash an old GB ROM ftf to your device.

    Download ftfs from here:
    Then use flashtool to flash the ROM, as described in the images below.
    I. Root the GB ROM:

    (Skip this step if you are already in Rooted GB)

    Download the DoomLord's Easy Root Toolkit for Xperia Gingerbreade >= .58 from here.
    Extract the files somewhere.
    Connect the device to the computer, and run the file "runme".
    Follow onscreen instructions.
    When done, device will reboot, and you should see application called SuperUser in your app drawer.

    III. Preparations to root 4.0.4 ROM:
    Download the XperiaRoot.rev3 from Please or Register to view links
    Extract the files somewhere.
    Connect the device to the computer, and run the file "01-local-prop".
    Follow on screen instructions.
    When done, /data/local.prop should be edited as desired.

    Here, do not do anything on cell and directly proceed to Flashing the 4.0.4 ftf.

    IV. Flash 4.0.4 ROM:
    ***See Note below
    Download the ftf from the following links:
    Proceed as you did in downgrading, placing the 4.0.4 firmware in /firmware folder this time; and selecting it in step 4.
    In step 4, make the check boxes look like this.
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  2. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    continuation of the tutorial:
    Proceed with the flashing Process.

    Here, you can also use PC Companion or Sony Update Center if you want for updating. While updating with SUS, make you sure you perform the recommended install and do not wipe data.

    Once the flashing is done, turn ON the device (If using PCC or SUS you will be prompted to turn ON). During the first boot, the device might reboot. In that case, after second boot it will turn on normally.
    In case it gets into bootloop, proceed to next step right away.
    Else proceed to next step with your phone turned ON.

    V. Root 4.0.4 ROM:

    From the Xperia-ROOT.rev3.zip file you downloaded earlier in step 3, open the file 02-push-root-files.cmd.
    Follow the on-screen instructions.
    Device will reboot.
    Once re-boot is done, you will have SuperUser installed in the 4.0.4 ROM.

    Note: Using this method, you can also root .62 GB firmware. For this, just flash the .62 ROM in place of 4.0.4 ROM, in step IV.

    How this method works?
    How will Rooting on unrootable 4.0.4 works?
    Explanation for someone who is in KG of Android School.

    Explaination the method of root, as given by puppet13th.

    This method involves the following steps:

    1. Creation of a file [/data/local.prop] which lets specific applications access the root of your device. For this you need to have root access. That is, you create this file when you are on .58 or .62 or whatever, rooted GB firmware. So, for rooting your 4.0.4 you need to start from GB itself.

    2. Updating to ICS, but making sure you preserve the file /data/local.prop. For this you update making sure you do not do a factory reset.

    So after this step, you have a working unrooted ICS ROM, but with a gate which can allow su binary and superuser.apk to be pushed.

    3. Now, you can push the su binary and superuser.apk files, into the phone memory through the gateway you created earlier.

    Now you have a working 4.0.4 ROM with SU Binary and Superuser.apk planted. That is a rooted 4.0.4 ROM.

    Head over to puppet's thread to get the required files and a step by step procedure of the above technique. Puppet's Tutorial going over your head? See here for another tutorial of the same procedure


    Explaination the method of root, as given by AeonWorld. [Note: This method is reported working with Xperia Pro (as well as Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, and Ray), and should work with the mdpi devices too. In case it doesn't work and you end up with a broken phone, you will need to flash some working firmware ftf on your device to get it working again] Recommended only for testers and devs currently

    1. Update your device to ICS 4.0.4.

    2. Download the Xperia Neo 4.0.3 ftf, and flash only the kernel in the package.
    To do this, after selecting the 4.0.3 Neo ftf file in Flashtool.

    3. Turn on Your phone, and you will see black screen, as the kernel doesn't match with the ROM. But ADB will work even then.

    4. Run the DoomLord's Toolkit for root, and it will work with the 4.0.3 kernel, and SU binary files and SuperUser will be pushed to the phone memory.

    At this stage, you have a "not working" device with a rooted 4.0.4 ROM and the 4.0.3 Kernel.

    5. Again flash only the kernel of 4.0.4 ROM from the 4.0.4 ftf for your device (Using flashtool as you did before)

    At the end of this step, you will have a working 4.0.4 Rooted ROM with the 4.0.4 kernel.

    1. FIND ANY 4.0.3 kernel , try downloading kernel file from NEO section
    [before flashing : make USB debugging , unknown sources - ON ]

    2. Flash it with flashtool
    3. But your phone will show blackscreen (because locked bootloader - mismatched kernel ) but that doesnt mean you cant connect through ADB

    4. So download DOOMLORD 's easy root toolkit for ics
    5. switch on the phone (after removing battery and putting it back in )
    6. connect to pc
    7. open toolkit you downloaded
    8. when the key leds light up - press enter in toolkit and it'll do the rest
    9. after rooting - flash 4.0.4 kernel from the 4.0.4 firmware ( its available in xda now)

    there you go -a rooted pro

    I know that this method exits and most knows but for XPERIA PRO ( MK16i )
    there's no kernel or ftf (4.0.3) anywhere as it wasn't released.

    thanks for those who created the toolkit and posted a the firmwares

    UPDATED : About the toolkit in the link

    The toolkit provided have a 1.15 busybox ver , which is very old (have permission setting problems) , so please download the gingerbread toolkit (by the same guy) in which there is a much newer busybox and replace the file inside "files/" in the toolkit folder . you can also put v3.1 su binary for segfault fixes

    OR just copy the files attached "files.rar"

    hope for your feedback and like ung kulang na file doon sa taas hanapin ko para complete kayo guys sige out muna nakuha ko na tracking. be right back later.
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  3. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    Thanks sa pag like nasa byahe ako now naka android UI gamit ko PHCORNER apk
  4. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    ayos na po ung may naka note available na po sa mf.(y)
  5. page not found po ung site nang pang flash 4.0.4 ROM ng Xperia Mini (ST15i). may iba pa po ba kayong list ng site para madownload ko ung file? salamat ng marami :)
  6. Salamat dito boss..............
  7. Wyvern-heart

    Wyvern-heart Support Team Support Team

    Pag di po ako busy up ko po ang ibang link na wala medyo busy pa now.
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