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Pokemon location

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by joel21, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. joel21

    joel21 Grasshopper Established

    Try nyo.sulit yan

    Zapdos - Meralco main office
    Moltres - Mayon Volcano
    Articuno - Baguio
    Ekans - Talahib
    Arbok - Talahib
    Machop - Fitness First
    Machoke - Fitness First
    Machamp - Gold's Gym
    Goldeen - Manila Ocean Park
    Seaking - Manila Ocean Park
    Staryu - Puerto Galera
    Starmie - Boracay
    Krabby - EDSA Shangrila
    Kingler - Makati Shangrila
    Pikachu - Megamall
    Voltorb - MOA
    Electrode - MOA
    Drowzee - Manila Zoo
    Hypno - Quiapo Church
    Mr. Mime - Peryahan
    Meowth - Cartimar
    Persian - Cartimar
    Tauros - FEU Morayta
    Bulbasaur - Farmers Market Cubao
    Oddish - Farmers Market Cubao
    Bellsprout - Farmers Market Cubao
    Tangela - Balintawak Market
    Lapras - Subic
    Porygon - Cyberzone SM
    Snorlax - Mang Inasal
    Jynx - Enchanted Kingdom
    Pidgey - Novaliches area
    Pidgeotto - Novaliches area
    Spearow - Manila area
    Farfetch'D - Las Piñas area
    Gastly - Manila North Cemetery
    Haunter - Manila North Cemetery
    Gengar - Libingan ng mga Bayani
    Omanyte - Manila Museum
    Kabuto - Manila Museum
    Nidorino - Any all boys school
    Nidorina - Any all girls school
    Tentacool - West Philippine Sea
    Tentacruel - West Philippine Sea
    Magikarp - Pasig River
    Zubat - Puerto Princesa Palawan
  2. pusa - nasa ilalim ng mesa
    kaso amin yun natagpuan ko lang :(
  3. joke po ba ito? makatawa nga. "HAHAHAHA"
  4. joel21

    joel21 Grasshopper Established

    Hehe sulit yan puntahan nyo.ehehe
  5. amokh

    amokh Addict Established

    totoo ba yan boss
  6. joke lang po yan, promise.
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