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pa help naman po. install smart bro to android tab.

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by mark anthobny sonio, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. pano po ba mag install ng smart bro sa tablet?
  2. ano android tab mo baka di kayanin ng android tab mo ang iinstall mo na smart bro pwera kung ang model nung smart bro ay e1552. baka magblack screen tab mo, .exe ang smart bro broadband stick.
  3. gamitin mo nalang ang simcard ni smart bro then iset up mo ung connection sa settings ni tab. diko alam setting sa smart now globe ako.wait tayo sa smart user na support team, cyberkramcyberkram
  4. ky langan ba yan install o my iseset lng sa apn? walng lumalabas na exe. irobot yung tablet. help naman bos
  5. diba may simcard slot ang tab mo iset up mo na lang ang connection mo sa net sa settings wait lang tayo sa ibang smart users.
  6. walang sim slot ung tab. lumang model ata
  7. apad android 7 na clone from china ba yan.
  8. android 4.something pa. hindi ko alam bos
  9. ah okay so sa broadband smart bro ka need mag connect sige wait mo sa sagot ko dyan research ko muna yan.
  10. wait lang palit ako battery lowbat. na ako bigay mo specs ng tab mo dito para mahanap ko ung procedure pag install ng smartbro sa irobot mo.
  11. nakalimuta ko yung specs. kinuha na kasi ng pinsan ko
  12. ito itry mo typically its not mine I just stumble on a blog and showing this tutorial:

    how to free you china tablet
    from WIFI connection and
    connect it to the internet using
    your mobile internet.
    Things to get ready:
    1) Your China tab USB connector
    (usually provided when you buy
    a new apad, it's the small thing
    you can connect your USB to. It
    has two USB ports and one LAN
    port and the other side connects
    to the Chinatab)
    2) Your mobile internet
    3) Your Etab, china tab, apad or
    whatever else it is called by
    Step 1: Go to 3g settings
    Step 2: Set up new network
    Step 3: go to this website http://
    Step 4: Enter the particulars of
    your mobile internet in the fields
    provided. (ex. if you are using
    smart bro prepaid like me, use
    the smart bro prepaid settings)
    Step 5: Leave the USER and
    PASSWORD fields Empty
    Step 6: Connect your USB
    connector, connect the USB
    mobile internet in the port
    Step 7: Click connect in your 3g
    Step 8: wait for the 3g network
    to finish connecting. You will
    know that you are now
    connected because the icon "3g"
    will appear beside your volume
    icon in your epad (right where
    the wifi icon used to appear)
    There you go.. you don't need to
    install any other program to your
    china tab. (.apk)
    It's very easy and takes a while
    to connect to the internet and
    sometimes you will have a
    problem if your battery is low
    but it makes a good emergency
    internet connection for one of
    those days you really need an
    internet connection to send an
    email or check your facebook
    account or chat and no Wifi in
    sight so better set up your 3g
    network beforehand so you can
    use your mobile internet when
    you need it.
    Copy of the 3g settings for
    android tablet of the mobile
    internet networks:
    1. SmartBro Postpaid
    Profile Name : SmartBro
    Select Static
    APN : internet
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text MMS ON send
    to 3401
    2. SmartBro Prepaid
    Profile Name : SmartBro Prepaid
    Select Static
    APN : SmartBro
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text MMS ON send
    to 3401
    3. SmartBro Red Mobile
    Profile Name : SmartBro Red
    Select Static
    APN : redinternet
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: insert SIM to your
    phone, text RED(space) send to
    ex. N8950 send to 9969
    4. Globe Broadband Postpaid
    Profile Name : Globe Broadband
    Select Static
    APN : internet.globe.com.ph
    Access number : *99***1#
    Activate SIM: text TIME send to
    5. Globe Broadband Prepaid
    Profile Name : Globe Broadband
    Select Static
    APN : http.globe.com.ph
    Access number : *99***1#
    Activate SIM: text TIME send to
    5. Sun Wireless Prepaid
    Profile Name : SUN Internet
    Select Static
    APN : minternet
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text Activate send
    to 2300
    6. Sun Wireless Postpaid
    a.Profile Name : SUN Broadband
    Select Static
    APN : fixed
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text Activate send
    to 2300
    b. Profile Name : SUN
    Broadband Standard
    Select Static
    APN : fbband
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text Activate send
    to 2300
    c. Profile Name : SUN Broadband
    Select Static
    APN : mbband
    Access number : *99#
    Activate SIM: text Activate send
    to 2300
  13. hindi po ako gumagamit na ng ym I'm using android boss not pc or laptop.
  14. yan po try nyo baka yan po ang need nyo.
  15. you can also go here:

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    this site also have a tutorial.