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Nokia Nokia C3 Official Thread

Discussion in 'General Mobile Discussion' started by kin07, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. [size=large]How to FBT, UCT, Hack, Update, Modify your NOKIA C3![/size]




    [size=large]SIMPLE GUIDE ON HOW TO USE OPERA MINI[/size]
    Please read the steps carefully!

    Dapat bago ang sim card natin sa Globe and Smart.
    Kasi yung old sim cards di gumagana or di nakakaconnect sa http.globe.com.ph at internet

    Smart Buddy Quick access sim/Smart Buddy Browser sim are already pre-activated.

    Starter/Tatoo sim . And also the new Extreme memory sim.


    A. Make sure nasa tamang time and date ang phone because di yan makakaconnect pag mali. And internet capable ang sim as stated on the first step.
    B. Download Please or Register to view links
    (piliin nyo .jar or .jad ang file kasi pag .sis di yan gagana)
    C. Download lang tayo ng prov file sa mga thread ng ating network. Or if meron kang alam na proxy or tricks you can make here Please or Register to view links or dito Please or Register to view links
    ----Pag nasa phone mo yung prov file (.prov na ang file extension), i-bluetooth mo lang eto sa isang china phone or a sony ericsson phone tapos i-bluetooth ito pabalik sa phone mo. You will receive it as configuration settings. Save it and then punta sa SETTINGS> CONFIGURATIONS> ACTIVATE IT AS DEFAULT AND CHOOSE THE PROPER PREFERED ACCESS POINT.
    Pwede rin ipasa sa nokia S60. Mapupunta yun sa inbox nila. Do not open it kasi invalid file sya sa S60. Just highlight the message then press options then send thru bluetooth.

    D. Kapag ok na ang prov file as default configuration settings, puntahan na yung Opera Mini. Huwag muna buksan, just highlight it. Press OPTIONS> APPLICATION ACCESS> COMMUNICATION> then sa NETWORK ACCESS, i-set mo sa ASK FIRST TIME. Then sa OPTIONS ulit> APPLICATION ACCESS> DATA ACCESS> then sa READ/WRITE USER DATA at ADD/EDIT DATA> set mo sa ASK EVERYTIME. Kung hâckêd ang phone, set to ALWAYS ALLOWED. Dapat gawin ito para mawala yung annoying prompts everytime na nagcoconnect sa internet.
    Lagay na sa phone yung Opera Mini na nadownload.
    Kapag installed na, press menu > tools > settings > settings (ulit) > check the box sa tabi ng mobile view then click save. Pagtapos okay na siya! :)
    [size=x-small]credits sa natutunan ko nito[/size]

    Please or Register to view links --(c) devion14

    MULTITASKING after hâckïng
    You'll need the following:
    Winrar - Please or Register to view links
    JAR of the J2ME application.
    Open the Jar(eg. operamini.jar) with Winrar.
    In the winrar browser/window, open the META-INF Folder.
    Inside it, theres a MANIFEST.MF file, just drag/extract it to your desktop. Do not close winrar.
    Go to your Desktop and Open MANIFEST.MF with Notepad.
    Add this Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true on the end line of the MANIFEST.MF.
    Original MANIFEST.MF:
    Now save it.

    Then drag the modified MANIFEST.MF in to the Winrar Window, make sure you drag it inside the META-INF Folder. A replace prompt will appear, just click yes.

    Now copy your modded jar file to your C3, do this to all your app and you'll be multi tasking in no time.

    Heres the Fun Part!
    Once youve installed the modded apps on your hâckêd C3. And you want to try the multitasking, all you have to do is open a modded app, then to minimize it, just press the red call button/cancel call button, then you can open another app.. Now to maximize an app, just run the app again and you'll continue where you left off on that app.


    Via Please or Register to view links :
    - Create backup first: Create backup

    - Reset the phone by *#7370# enter 12345 (default Security code) or Menu > Settings > Restore factory sett. > All

    - Make sure you have 75-100% of battery life, otherwise, charge your C3 first. (required before updating)

    - Download Nokia OVI Suite, and install it on your PC.

    - Switch your device On and connect it to your PC using the Micro Usb Cable. On the USB mode (on phone) Select "Nokia Ovi Suite".

    - Open Nokia OVI Suite (on PC), click Software updates (green logo), OVI will check for the available update, Then install it.

    - "Updating...." . Just follow the on-screen instructions.

    - Do not remove the USB cable yet unless the update was done - just ignore all the USB cable "notifications"

    - Phone will restart.

    - Done. Check your current version by typing *#0000# .

    - Reset the phone again by *#7370# enter 12345 (default Security code) or Menu > Settings > Restore factory sett. > All , for refreshing the new firmware.

    - Finally restore backup : Menu > Settings > Sync and backup > Restore backup (.NBF file)

    - Enjoy your new firmware!

    [size=x-small](c) Baekwondo[/size]

    Please or Register to view links (c) devion14

    Please or Register to view links (c)arondis


    Please or Register to view links -- (c)devion14

    PPM Modifying will be updated soon by boss ARONDIS


    Please or Register to view links (c) Arondis -- Please or Register to view links (c) Arondis -- Please or Register to view links (c) JinKaiser13 -- Please or Register to view links (c) JinKaiser13 -- Please or Register to view links (c) JinKaiser13


    [size=large]NEED HELP???[/size]

    Nokia C3 Quick Help Form

    [size=large]UPDATE (March 31, 2011)[/size]
    --Ebuddy Online Prov files for smart and globe--
    --OM Prov files for smart and globe--
    --OM 6.00 HUI2 B4 and Globe Prov file--
    Please or Register to view links

    **[size=x-small]prov file for om 6.00 for smart will be updated soon, for further details, please ask sir ARONDIS, as of now we're working on some new updates! Thank you for you patience. And dont forget to hit thanks so we would know if we have helped.[/size]**

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  2. Chin0

    Chin0 El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    idagdag mo na sana boss kung pano paganahin ang fbt/ubt sa c3 para kumpleto na..hehehe..suggestion ko lang :)

    anyway, thanks for this thread..
  3. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    sige idol lalagay ko! :) hehehe, thanks sa suggestion.! ;)
  4. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    keep it up kin....
  5. Bonekiller

    Bonekiller No Fear Staff Member Moderator

    RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    mamats bro
  6. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    @devion: thanks po master! ikaw master ko eh :)

    @bonekiller: no prob bro, thanks na din :)
  7. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    makasubscribe nga sa thread na to..hehehe..salamat boss kin07 sa pagrefer sakin dito..hehe..
  8. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    galing ah? :) thanks sir kin. Ü keep it up. :D
  9. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    may bahay na din ang mga C3 users.. teka sino nga ba mga C3 users here? pakilink nyo na din po yung mga themes, apps and mga games ko here.. ^__^
  10. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    sige boss jinkaiser! :)) hahaha. dami ko na nga pala nadownload bro :))))))
  11. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    Mga boss, yung paghack niyo ba ng c3 niyo para makapagminimize hindi nawala sa menu yung MAIL? Sakin saki nawala kaya unhack ko ulit kasi important sakin yung mail..hehe..
  12. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    nandiyan padin yung mail wala lang sa menu. di lang naman po menu ang naaccess natin eh. diba meron tayong shortcuts sa home nten? yung kasama nya yung |ovi|mail|camera|radio|wifi| dun mo lang siya maaccess wala lang sa menu pero nasa phone pa din yun.
  13. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    C3 user heree, ok ang thread na ito sir kin07. anong Prov ang working ngyn sa om 4.2 at 5.1?
    Meron ako pero hnd stable connection mas madalas pa lagi failed.
  14. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6)

    Same lang tayo boss :) Mahirap kay globe ngaun.

    Try mo nalang to bro: Please or Register to view links

    Sabi nila yan ang pinaka stable eh. Hmm. Sa Ebuddy naman nkakaconnect ako :| Ang bilis pa. Sa O.m 4.2 at 5.1 lang hindi. Grr.
  15. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    5.1 gamit ko.. bagal T_T matry nga 4.2 T_T
  16. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    smart ka po ba bro?? kung smart ka try mo po yung bago ni boss tinoz. if globe yung kay dalton po :D
  17. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    smart sir.. ok na ako.. nakakuha na ako ng prov.. natry ko na yung kay sir Tinoz.. 4.2 na gamit ko.. ang panget.. hehehe..
  18. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    sir kin07 paano sa Ebuddy? working pa ba? whole day ako hnd nka konekeks hehe
  19. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    @jinKaiser: hehehe. Ganun po ba? om5.1 shiangtao trans bg gamit ko boss :D
    @kidlat. update po kita..hanap ako ng working sa ebuddy. :D
  20. RE: Nokia C3 Users (s40v6) [UPDATED always]

    enge ako trans bg.. ehe.. try ko..