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Kumpisal kay padre

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by wardexkie, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. wardexkie

    wardexkie Enthusiast Established

    Killer: father mangungumpisal po ako

    Father: ano kasalanan mo?

    Killer: pumatay po ako ng 20 tao

    Father: bakit?

    Killer: kasi po naniniwala sila sa Diyos, kayo po naniniwala ba?

    Father: dati...pero ngayon trip trip na lang
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  2. LearnGP

    LearnGP Forum Veteran Established

    Hah..hah..hah... Nice 1 tol!
  3. janyborgz

    janyborgz Enthusiast Established

  4. shapala

    shapala Addict Established

  5. cptn_n3mo

    cptn_n3mo Addict Established

  6. wardexkie

    wardexkie Enthusiast Established

    don't take it too deep :)
  7. cptn_n3mo

    cptn_n3mo Addict Established

    Joke joke joke lang sir :)
  8. wardexkie

    wardexkie Enthusiast Established

    Dinugtungan ko lang boss haha kanta kasi yan. Not a good joke. don't take it too deep. na na na na naah nah.
  9. Uy bad yan...pero nakakatawa hahaha
  10. marebert

    marebert Grasshopper Established

  11. allen angiw

    allen angiw Journeyman Established

  12. Pholeng

    Pholeng Enthusiast Established

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