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Just wanna say thanks.

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Briggs, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Briggs

    Briggs Grasshopper Established

    Just wanna say thanks to the admin for making an established member just tonight. Thanks a lot po!
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  2. Congrats boss (y)
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  3. jhunmabs

    jhunmabs Addict Established

  4. RicK_08

    RicK_08 Addict Established

    happy for you.. :)
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  5. ruddin6633

    ruddin6633 Addict Established

    Mabuhay!!! Sa sponsors mo wala kabang sasabihin sa kanila
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  6. reserv1399

    reserv1399 Enthusiast Established

    Congrats welcome to the established world :)
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  7. lmj09

    lmj09 Eternal Poster Established

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  8. maimai25

    maimai25 Addict Established

  9. waffazup

    waffazup Eternal Poster Established

    congrats po
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  10. Briggs

    Briggs Grasshopper Established

    Ah sa sponsors din thanks din sa inyo.
  11. arisdhi15

    arisdhi15 Grasshopper Established

  12. aljul

    aljul Enthusiast Established

  13. shendymae

    shendymae Addict Established

    Congrats. Buti kapa.. Hehe
  14. nehpets21

    nehpets21 Enthusiast Established

  15. Enzo26

    Enzo26 Addict Established

  16. tononot_13

    tononot_13 Addict Established

    pa burger ka naman boss.joke hehe:).congrats
  17. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Veteran Established

  18. jhillian

    jhillian Enthusiast Established

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