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Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by alydar, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. alydar

    alydar Grasshopper Established

    Sa isang jeep...

    Pasahero: Manong bayad po.

    Driver: Ilan po ito?

    Pasahero: (Namilosopo) bente po!

    Driver: Oo nga bente. Pang ilang tao po!

    Pasahero: Isa lang po hehe!

    Driver: San sumakay?

    Pasahero: (Pilosopo ulit) Sa jeep nyo po!

    Driver: (Aba lokong to ah gaganti ako)

    Pasahero: Joke lang po manong. Sa taft po galing

    Driver: San bababa?

    Pasahero: Jollibee lang po. Pakibaba nalang po dun, di ko po alam eh.

    Driver: Eto sukli mo.

    Pasahero: Manong bakit sampu lang to. siete lang pamasahe ah. Magkano ba pamasahe sa jollibee?

    Driver: Aba ewan ko. Kumakain lang ako dun hindi ko pa natry magpamasahe..

    Pasahero: (Nainis) Manong siete lang pamasahe di ba.

    Driver: Oh eto na tres.

    Pasahero: (Pasigaw) Salamat ho!!! Pakibaba nalang ho sa Jollibee!!!!

    Driver: Naku lampas ka na! Haha..
  2. skepticaL

    skepticaL Grasshopper Established

    hahaha nice
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  3. lmj09

    lmj09 Eternal Poster Established

  4. alexander

    alexander Enthusiast Established

  5. Hypermood15

    Hypermood15 Enthusiast Established

  6. jodulls

    jodulls Enthusiast Established

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  7. bonboneliazar

    bonboneliazar Addict Established

    hahahaha..pilosopo k ha..um mglakad k hahaha
  8. jeydenver

    jeydenver Enthusiast Established

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