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Tutorial Jamesiswizard_1 hotspot shield vpn for android device

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by jamesiswizard_1, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]


    FREE VPN for your Android Device!* Unlimited Bandwidth!
    Save money on your data plan. Access blocked sites. Trusted by 75 million worldwide.
    - supports Android 2.x/4.x OS
    - No support for Android 3.x
    - No support for Amazon Kindle.
    Android 4.x important (!) note: due to limitations of the Android VPN API there are few incompatible devices:
    App Screenshots


    User Reviews

    Mark - September 12, 2012 - Version 0.5.11

    What an awesome app!
    I've never been so impressed with a proxy app before. Speeds are impressive and I've been able to watch all my favorite USA video services without a hitch. I tried HMA before this one, but the speeds on HMA suck compared to this. I like it so much I've upgraded to the elite version.

    leonard - September 11, 2012 - Motorola XOOM with version 0.5.11

    Very nice app
    With this app on my Xoom I am able to watch môviês from sites that don't allow you to because of ur location. Using this is nice I love it,could be better tho,

    Youssef - September 11, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 0.5.11

    Mr. Youssef
    Work very well. Thank you

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    Official Web Site :

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    Most of us use our android phone for Internet browsing when we are not at home through public Wi-Fi spots or hotspots. But did you know that all emails, instant messages or just any other data that is sent via your wifi is also sent in plain text which can be easily sniffed by anyone using some tools which is available freely in the internet? If you are worried about your privacy, then you should get an android vpn connection for your android phone or android tablet.​
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  3. Trams Only

    1. Connect Droidvpn
    lport: 53 rport: 80

    2. Then connect using this hotspot shield vpn.
    proxy: port: 8555

    Pwede droidvpn + hotspotvpn.

    Gumagana lang sa Rooted Phone/Dievice
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  4. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Moved under Android Section (y)
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  5. hehehe mali ba.,cyensya na.,thanks sir.,meron pala nun.,hindi kasi ako nag babasa.,

    ito yung hinahanap ni dhencel kung tama ako.,
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  6. Ang galing ah!thanks sir,patesting
  7. welcome po.,
  8. jmarprinz

    jmarprinz PHC Master Established

    nakaka unblock ba ito?

    pa try ito..
  9. Kahit anong network po ba pwede yan?
  10. pano mag root? thanks
  11. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

  12. welcome.,.
  13. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    for samsung galaxy y >>> Please or Register to view links
    for any android phone >>> Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
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  14. salamat sa link
  15. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    welcome Please or Register to view links :)
  16. pede ba to sa globe?
  17. Hindi po sir. Trams lang po. TRAMS:)
  18. otor pnu un sa sim, db dpat unblock un..
  19. panu po ba mag bug ng sim na globe for unlisurf? for free
  20. pwede sa kahit anung network
    tama ka tol
    punta ka sa pc tricks
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