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Discussion in 'New Members Corner' started by CharltonZ1, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I'm CZ1 I'm here to learn from u guys . I'm from South Africa tho but we have freenet too so that's why I'm here to learn . Please give me your emails if u want so we can communicate better whoever wants to help . Thanks in advance
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  2. wiZka

    wiZka Forum Veteran Established

    Welcome to PHC corner! Have fun!
  3. Are you a programmer too?
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  4. alecksha

    alecksha Forum Veteran Established

    Welcome to PHC!
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  5. Shance

    Shance Addict Established

  6. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

    welcome to phc.
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  7. natip

    natip Honorary Poster Established

    welcome to phc
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  8. Welcome to phc..
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  9. faker14

    faker14 Eternal Poster Established

  10. Give me your email please
  11. why are you asking for my email account? :eek: :shifty:
  12. I wanna ask for your advice and help etc with about freenet things
  13. no need to ask for it. the answers are all here. all you have to is read and understand the procedures. (y)
  14. I wanna learn to hack database of network for freesites . I'm a beginner so please send link to that tutorial
  15. A P O Y

    A P O Y Honorary Poster Established

    You wanna hack the hâckïng?, it´s bleeding time, is african men are huge in everything?

    No insiders are allowed here, it's ïllêgâl to hack, send me a picture of your face and I will photocopy it if the result is black
  16. Don't be boring please. if u don't wanna help don't make shitty jokes
  17. A P O Y

    A P O Y Honorary Poster Established

    Im not joking either, why you want everyone to email you, and you want to hack a database of a freenet sites, all I can say is if it is night time can I see you?
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