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I stay in southafrica and need ways to use internet

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by daris, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. I need someone to show me how i can access the internet,how i can find open ports and how to find working freesites i am not familiar to internet tricks rthe only thing working for is dns and it's not stable can someone assist me here who speaks and understands english so i can be shown these,the country i am portss are blocked though i don't know how to find open ports can anyone assist me with internet tricks the country i am in is southafrica reply asap or pm if you can show me methods to use internet
  2. Try this sir, Please or Register to view links just download the file
    and attached it into your config file in OPEN VPN
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  3. The link is not working,can you show me ways to find opened ports,freesites and vpn to use in the country i am in give me guides since the forum is not in english mostly
  4. This thread if sir MimerthMimerth has an tutorial how to find working configs
    Please or Register to view links
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  5. DOes it show how to find freesites that works and opened ports that is opened and i don't ubderstand the language there i need to find out how to access internet in southafrica the isp keeps blocking tunnelers such as tor,ultrasurf,iwp etc
  6. boss? what kind of broadband or modem do you have?
  7. it's not the modem the isp blocked cproxy,pd proxy it's all blocked the modem connects but tricks are blocked i download packet sniffer but i dont know how it works the trial for 31days is it how do iuse it i don't get it at all and how woul'd i find working freesites
  8. can you give me an screenshots of your connection? then i can see the problems regarding on blockings (y)
  9. The only thing i coul'd use is dns port3 but what tunneler can i use with it udp and tcp don't work with openvpn and i don't know how to make dns mode port53 work with vpn is there a way and here is the screenshot of connection
  10. Dns mode port 53 what tnneler do i use it must be fast connection remember it's dns port53 so which one?o_O
  11. Dns mode port 53 what tnneler do i use it must be fast connection remember it's dns port53 so which one?o_O
  12. do you try HotsSpot portable?:unsure:
  13. does it have dns mode port53 on it?
  14. why dont you try boss if it's working or not ? (y)
  15. don't arguing with me boss:happy: i'm just trying to help you :punch:
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