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Tutorial How to use http injector and ehi in 30sec

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by BeneneQue, Sep 6, 2016.


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  1. BeneneQue

    BeneneQue Enthusiast Established

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    (philippine Bugger Inside)

    Hi guys today we will now use http injector and its .ehi, Bakit ang HTTP INJECTOR? Meron nman psipon and other tools.
    Answer: mas stable and very2 highspeed ang http injector ng 4x kesa sa ponpon. (KUNG MAY SARILI KANG EHI AT IKAW LANG MAG-ISANG GUMAGAMIT SA SHH ACCOUNT) regarding sa gusto mong may sariling ehi pasa ko link for tutorial ni boss Anarchy Please or Register to view links)

    what to download:
    http injector: Please or Register to view links (the application)
    ehi.file: Please or Register to view links (ehi files na parati nyung nkikita dito)
    l4d anti DC: Please or Register to view links (anti DC app 100% no DC)

    Once done dowload and install lets Bug inside!!

    1)[​IMG] first click the l4d anti DC ( all you have to remember is l4d will be first to open)
    2)[​IMG] click minimize and set aside. now go find http injector app and click.
    3)[​IMG] first view of the app, now click upper right show in the picture
    4)[​IMG] click import config to find .ehi config file.
    5)[​IMG] now find ehi files. (kalaunan pag nag download kayo sa download files yan mkkita. basta tandaan nyu lang saannyu nilagay ang .ehi nyu.
    6)[​IMG] click the ehi files marklim.ehi or anung ehi na gusto nyu if meron na kayong nkuha sa iba or ginawa nyu mismo.
    7)[​IMG] click start.
    8)[​IMG] check the box., and hit start..
    9)[​IMG] wait 5-10sec to read the ehi file. once meron ng susi sa itaas sa notification area congrats. free internet kana. if wala. meaning may mali sa ehi files or expire na. pag ganun hanap kayo ulit dito phcorner madaming mga mababait na ehi makers dito or dito pag wala kayung load freedata gamit nyu pwd kau sa page na to Please or Register to view links
    all rights and credits will go to creator of Http Injector and its developer.[​IMG]
    credits for tutorial by MarkLim/Jonana012411[​IMG]
    credits for unlimited .Ehi by PhCorner Family [​IMG]
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  2. waffazup

    waffazup Eternal Poster Established

    thanks for info sir..
  3. Default apn?
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  4. salamat sa infoshare...
  5. BeneneQue

    BeneneQue Enthusiast Established

    Use APN: Please or Register to view links for globe
  6. No need for promo subscription?
  7. BeneneQue

    BeneneQue Enthusiast Established

    wala na boss. even zero balance. nd lang sure sa globe/tm pero sa talkntext no load. and no dc.
  8. Hindi ko mapagana. Kaiyak.
  9. pa update naman po sa TM/globe thanks po

    Hindi po ma-download yung files sa MegaFile pa fix po thanks
  10. Salamat dito sa tutorial mo boss (y)
  11. logshotz

    logshotz PHC Contributor Established

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  12. jerwin05

    jerwin05 Enthusiast Established

    cnu may high net vpn v2 panu gamitin dko mabuksan handler setting childclock plgi nlabas