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Tutorial How to unblock your sim

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by tondee08, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Para po sa mga na blocked na sim card na hindi maconnect / makareceive ng data. Globe/TM Smart/TnT/Sun.

    100% Working!

    1. Paload ka. then, register ka sa any internet promo.

    Oo, hindi mo magagamit yang promo mo kasi blocked nga yang sim mo.

    2. tawag ka sa customer's service hotline. Dial *888 kung smart/tnt or 211 sa globe/tm at 200 kung sun.

    3. report mo na dimo magamit yung internet promo na inavail mo kasi wala ka narereceive na data. wag ka magbabanggit ng "blocked ata sim ko " or about sa free internet or what. basta ang sabihin mo, bigla nalang hindi ka makainternet/makaconnect e nakaregister ka naman. dimo alam kung bakit. e pwede naman pag ibang sim sinalpak mo.

    4. They will advice you to check your internet from time to time within 36 hours. Bibigyan ka ng reference # then rerefer nila yang number mo sa technical team to unblock your sim. Irerefund din yang promo mo so magagamit mo rin.

    5. Voila! You have unblocked your sim. Congrats! :)

    Feedback nalang and hit like! (y)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  2. yan ginagawa ko sa tatlo kung sim panay blocked, lakas sa môviê.... salamuch makakatulong yan sa mga di pa nakakaalam..
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  3. Pano po pag SUN?
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  4. eson_640

    eson_640 Addict Established

    thanks for sharing boss ma etry nga papablock ko muna sim ko hehe
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  5. Dial 200 then follow my instructions. Goodluck! (y)
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  6. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    I once tried this on globe and called the cs hotline. Upon converging on the tech guys of globe they found out that that my sims data allocation versus the generated airtime balance wasn't reasonable (since I've been using the sim on vpns) and they also found out that I'm using the vpn service and told me that it's beyond the law of ntc...blah...blah...blah. So to cut the story short, there is a chance that they will trace you upon your query and make law suits claiming to be using ïllêgâl connection.

    Advice: If you're not experiencing this kind of treatment, congratulations. But, prepaid sims are lot more cheaper than a bail for something that's unreasonable.
  7. gagawin ko yan mamaya. meron ako block na sim sir. palagi emergency call lang. pwede ba yn?
  8. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    I hope working to dami ko ng sim na na blocked salamat ts :)
  9. panu sir kung smartbro sim mo hindi na kasi nakaka recieve ng LTE signal sim ko
  10. Ohh sorry for your case. That's why I warned our members not to mention anything about vpn, free internet, blocked sim and pretend they knew nothing nor anything about it.

    Besides, our dearest networks wont even have a credible evidence against you, even if you honestly tell them your name, simply because our sim cards our not registered to any individual. How can they tell we are not lying?

    The discrepancy on the your actual data usage vs their generated airtime usage wont be sufficient to hold their claims and sue you in court because they cannot provide supporting evidence simply because we use vpn and a proxy server.

    By using vpn and proxy servers, the network will not be able to determine that your IP address has visited their site, They will only know the proxy server was there, kaya kinakatay nila mga servers. Networks will deny access to servers they know to be proxy servers na ginagamit natin.

    Nonetheless, in my case. Calling customers service and pretending i know nothing about these things, and just let them fix things. works everytime. :)

    If it ain't broke, dont fix it;)
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  11. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    That's why it's a case-to-case basis. I agree with your statements, if telcos didn't provide clients a probable cause, they can't just put some allegations and try to scare us with those law suits. We're not silly kids to be scared of ghosts anymore, because of their service "we" are the ghosts they made.

    P.S.: On my part, i would just acquire a new cheap sim and just continue what needs to be done. Instead of paying for a postpaid but the service isn't worth paying for.
  12. Block kaba pag di ka ma unli ng kahit anong promo?
  13. tristanGMP

    tristanGMP Addict Established

    tanong ko po malapit na ba mablock yong sim ko na bigla na lang nawawala data kahit naka on. on and of na ako kaso bigla nalang nawala yong data nya. lte sim gamit ko pang mgc at default.
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  14. Kung nakaka internet ka pa. Dipa blocked yan. Magiging blocked lang yan kung wala kana narereceive na data. Pag throttled na speed mo malamang blocking na susunod jan.

    Kung pawala wala lng data baka may interruption lang sa lte signal, try mo lang mag 3g kung magiging stable.
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  15. tristanGMP

    tristanGMP Addict Established

  16. Change sim nalng 30 pesos lang . Hehehehe palit nalng ng palit :)
  17. tristanGMP

    tristanGMP Addict Established

    yap 22 pesos lang kc reloader ako at doon ako nabili sa dealer ng globe na tagaload sa akin.
  18. Nagawa ko na ito tinawagan ko ang talk n txt kasi na blocked sim ko pagkatapos ko mag download ng môviês

    Sinabi ko sa operator na nag internet lang po ako nang 2 am kinabukasan wala na po yong signal endicator tapos pinakalikot nila sakin ung info ng phone ko blah blah on off kung ano then mamaya sabi bantayan ko daw gang 24 hours

    Hayon bumalik signal

    Dapat magalang.ka makipag usap at dapat mga sagot mo eh yung kunwari wala kang alam sa phone mo at sa kung anu anong term na ginagamit nila patungkol sa mga phones at internet
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