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How to remove malwares on you android phones

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by PapaDah, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Here is how you can remove malwares without flashing a new rom.
    Busybox Installer
    Terminal Emulator
    Root Explorer Pro
    Once you have installed everything here is what to do in steps:
    [Note: USB DEBUGGING MUST BE ENABLED Turn on Usb Debugging by going to settings> developer options> Usb debugging]
    1) Turn off wifi/3G/4G, and then go to settings> apps> all> disable time service and monkey test. (If already frozen via titanium backup or other app) skip this.
    2) Open Root explorer go to system/xbin and see if there is any file starting with a dot (eg: .ext.base) also note that every (.) file has diff permission then the rest of other files. So just remember those files with dots because those are the one that you're going to remove in terminal emulator.
    3) Go back to system and then go to Priv-app folder and look for these two files
    [1] cameraupdate.apk [2] providerCertificate.apk and also notice permission of these two files are different then the rest of Apks so these two are the base of MT TS virus and needs to be deleted.
    4) Open Terminal Emulator
    mount -o remount,rw /system
    cd system/priv-app
    chattr -iaA providerCertificate.apk
    rm providerCertificate.apk
    chattr -aA cameraupdate.apk
    rm cameraupdate.apk
    cd ..
    cd system/xbin
    chattr -iaA .b
    rm .b
    chattr -iaA .ext.base
    rm .ext.base
    chattr -iaA .sys.apk
    rm .sys.apk
    [NOTE: If you are using older version than KK you need not to type priv-app just type cd system/app]
    6) Please make sure you type the file name correctly just as providerCertificate C is capital otherwise permission wont change.
    7) Exit Emulator
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  2. calypso

    calypso Forum Veteran Established

    Or download malwarebytes.. Hehee
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  3. (y) Right
  4. salamat sa share
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  5. ask ko lang i enter koba bawat type ko o tuloytuloy lng pag type ko ,lakabang sample screenshot ndi ko sanay sa emulator ?hehe,pero ngawa kong paltan ng super su kingroot ko my ss kasi yung guide ss sa emulator.
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  6. Wala ako SS sir
  7. kada type ba i enter ko?
  8. QUOTE="banditz, post: 1431940, member: 495629"]kada type ba i enter ko?[/QUOTE]
    Su <enter> lahat sir may enter yan kaya bumababa sya
  9. Yung virus sa phone ko ang kapal talaga ng mukha. Ayaw magpatanggal. Kahit anong anti virus na na try ko. Trojan pa naman. Tapos hindi pa rooted phone ko. Tssss anyway, thanks for sharing. :D
  10. at dun sa system/xbin wala naman ako nakitang mga my dot na file ,sa private app lang nakita ko ung camera at ung isa ibig sabihin un lang 2 na yun itype ko sa emulator? pasensya dami ko tanong hehe ! safe bato kahit magkamali?
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  11. Hanep Trojan haha
  12. Na try ko na yung trojan killer sa playstore kaso wala epek. hahaha hinayaan ko nalang. Saka kailangan yata rooted talaga ang phone para gumana. PapaDahPapaDah
  13. Sure ka sir ? Walang (.) Sa xbin mo ? Kung ganun ung dalawa lang po ,

    Yes po kailangan rooted kasi system na ung gagalawin jan
  14. akin nga naka disable p
    wala nga taka nga ko eh! cge salamat sa share at sa pagsagot!
  15. wiZka

    wiZka Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for the infoshare ts!
  16. Welcome Master
  17. ph_corner007

    ph_corner007 Addict Established

    ang galing neto ts.pa bm muna
  18. Shet nag ddownload at update ng kusa ung phone ko.pano to d naman nka auto update ehh.pano to paps?p help pls
  19. Tinignan mo na baby setting mo sa play store ? , don't update using WiFi
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