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Grasshopper na ako. hehe

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ALmigThy, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. ALmigThy

    ALmigThy Grasshopper Established

  2. LearnGP

    LearnGP Forum Veteran Established

    Congrats, keep it up...
    ALmigThy likes this.
  3. ALmigThy

    ALmigThy Grasshopper Established

  4. amokh

    amokh Addict Established

    congrats boss.. ako addict na.. as in adik n adik sa gf ko pro bandang huli iiwan dn pla ko dpt b kong mging masaya ktulad mo
  5. ALmigThy

    ALmigThy Grasshopper Established

    hehe dapat lang masaya ka kapatid, walang addict na malungkut, at walang addict na nang iiwan, kaya ka nga naaadict kasi gusto mo. reality yan sa mga addict. hehe:cry::D balik ka nalang sa grasshopper kapatid, kami kasi yung nang iiwan. hehe:ROFLMAO: sino pa addict dyan?:facepalm:
    amokh likes this.
  6. amokh

    amokh Addict Established

  7. logshotz

    logshotz PHC Contributor Established

    Top Poster Of Month

    sumuko kana... hehehe...
    amokh likes this.
  8. chinitin

    chinitin Addict Established

  9. Bhen23

    Bhen23 Forum Expert Established

  10. Foej senipmulad

    Foej senipmulad Addict Established

    Congrats bossing.. Keep sharing phc
  11. jeydenver

    jeydenver Enthusiast Established

  12. ALmigThy

    ALmigThy Grasshopper Established

  13. soulless

    soulless Eternal Poster Established

  14. deluhism

    deluhism Grasshopper Established

    anu next sa leecher yan na? grasshopper/
  15. ALmigThy

    ALmigThy Grasshopper Established

    oo hehe.
  16. Supremo2016

    Supremo2016 Enthusiast Established

    may tanong lang po ako paano maglagay ng profile picture?
    Warren1977 likes this.
  17. Warren1977

    Warren1977 Addict Established

    Enthisiast na pala ako.di ko man napansin.sana next time established naman ehehe.tnx po.admin

    Kapag established ka pa lang po
  18. Supremo2016

    Supremo2016 Enthusiast Established

    ah okay po salamat
    Warren1977 likes this.
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