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Android App Globe[opera mini next 7.5 hui] for android..100% working

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by hackndestroy1828, May 29, 2013.

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  1. requirements..
    1. download and install opera mini next 7.5 hui for android.
    2.android fone and globe sim
    3. patience and mind

    in ur android fone...go to settings...create new apn...

    apn name: hackndestroyConnect
    apn: http.globe.com.ph
    apn type: default
    proxy server:
    port: 80
    auth type: pap or chap

    handler settings:
    enter the ff.
    front query: g.co/gms/encryption%40

    the save...thats it...enjoy ur free internet...
  2. sir tlag bang d nkaka brows ng ÿôutubê
  3. gumana sakin, tnx alot^^
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  4. lhat ng site kya browse nyan
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  5. bossing pwde ba itong pngdownload??ilang mb po b ang madownload??...thankx
  6. laspag na po to,bka may bago ka jan otor;)
  7. working xa skn ang galing .. slmat sir
  8. :-P credit to the maker of hui
  9. is it free even if I have load above 5?
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  10. kakainin po load nyo,
  11. tnx idol working.. saken...

  12. do you have any tricks for smart buddy?
  13. pde b to s tm? ty po... tnx dn s post ;)
  14. pano b mag lagay ng handler setting? wala s opera ko eh? iba pa b yun? newbie lng..
  15. masyado smart c smart,meron kya lang mabagal,globe k n lng,
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 24, 2013

  16. ANG GALING..

  17. pwd khit ilan basta "H" cgnal m
  18. D ko po mkita ung sa settings na create new apn. Help please..
  19. gumagana po ba ito sa tm?
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