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Smart & TalknText [FREE VPN] FreeUploads VPN | FRENCH IP | TCP Protocol | 100% Unlimited

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by schemes, Aug 23, 2012.


Is it working?

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  1. Greeting PHC Friends! ;)
    I'm sorry for the delay of my sharing here about VPN it's kinda busy lately
    but today since its my Free Time, i will be sharing an Absolutely FREE VPN for SMART/TNT subscribers :D
    100% Free
    Unlimited speed
    Unlimited bandwidth
    No closed ports
    No logs kept
    Instructions :

    Configure first your Smartbro Modems :​

    Access Point Name [ APN ] : smart1​
    Dial Number : *99#​
    Authentication : PAP or CHAP​
    Should have IPv4 Addresss : 10.155.xxx.xxx ( TCP IP )​

    Step 1 : You should have OpenVPN installed in your PC ( if you don't have one, just download here > Please or Register to view links | choose OpenVPN 2.2.2 |

    Step 2 : Register here for FREE : Please or Register to view links

    Note : Just fill in the Registration Form

    NO need to have/use a valid email address

    [ No email confirmation ]

    You can see this image if you're successfully registered:


    Step 3 : In the UPPER RIGHT corner > you can see LOG-IN ( just log-in, of course :ROFLMAO: )

    Step 4 : Find & Click VPN in the UPPER corner and Follow the Screenshot below




    Step 5 : Unzip config file you have donwloaded earlier, open with notepad, edit yourusername.crt and yourusername.key with the actual username you used to register.​

    Step 6 : Save certificates and config.ovpn in the OpenVPN config folder.​

    Step 7 : Connect your FreeUploads VPN and ENJOY;)

    Here is my sample ADVANCED redirection of VPN Config ;)

    Feel FREE to post your feedbacks.​

    If you are encountering any errors, just post some Screenshots, logs, etc.​

    Until next time ;)

    I almost forgot to give Credits to Sir JOEWOLF for sharing this VPN :)
  2. Hope this will help . GoodLuck FBT users ;)
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  3. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Mam, di ba to kagawa ng ibang VPN na ma block ang sim natin ?
    salamat po!
    ailynloveme and NhadX like this.
  4. Sir Draft, im really sorry, the fact is that, we don't have any control about our ISPs moves
    lately lang, biglang nagbago ang mode ng smart, dati-rati, di naman ganon ka usual ang blocking ng sims natin, but as of now, dominant ang TCP IP na nakukuha natin,
    good to know kasi marami tayong working VPNs with that tcp ip ( 10.155.x.x ) :)

    i really don't believe on the methods/softwares KUNO in ways how to avoid blocking of sims :whistle:

    we are still under keen observation about such matters ;)

    Offtopic :
    how to edit my thread TITLE? wrong spelling po kasi eh,
    dapat FRENCH IP po yan. haha :ROFLMAO:
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  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Aw, OK po Mam Salamat.
    About sa Thread Title, kung may gusto kayu baguhin, PM nyu lang any mods or aku.. (y)
  6. thanks Sir Draft :)
    nachange mo na po pala yong title. hehe

    anyways, i'll be sharing more TCP VPNs for SMART/TNT

    Next in line :

    update on SecurityKiss VPN
    update on Kebrum VPN
    update on C***** VPN ( unreleased VPN )
    update on Iprivo VPN
    update on YourFreeVPN
    update on PrivateTunnel VPN

    and MOOORE ;) believe me, madami pa :D

    That's all for this day, i'll be back again soon,

    busy mode >.<

    BTW, for GLOBE/TM users?
    i guess you are familiar with the BUGging tricks?
    try that also.

    bye for now (y)
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  7. NhadX

    NhadX Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks for sharing ma'am try ko po ito mamaya :tumbsup:
  8. Just ping me if you encountered some errors ;)
    NhadX likes this.
  9. Currently connected using SMART sim

    VPN Logs

    Nice VPN indeed ;)
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  10. grayironman

    grayironman Support Team Support Team

    maam ensien12 matinik ba yang vpn na C*****? hehe aabangan ko yan..thanks
    nadlerz and NhadX like this.
  11. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    d ko maintindihan ung steps from 5 to 7...:unsure:
    then where should this be located IPv4 Address?
  12. ok ito, thanks for sharing.,.
  13. > Open CMD
    > type ipconfig
    > then try to see IPv4 Address
    > DONE ;)
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  14. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Updated / Working:
    Smart: Please or Register to view links
    For globe, pili ka dito sa mga updated threads:
    Please or Register to view links
    Please or Register to view links
  15. pwede po ba to sa cp? gamit ang tnt sim po? thanks!
  16. grayironman

    grayironman Support Team Support Team


  18. meron po bang pang android phone? kc ung droidvpn sa smart katay na eh...need q po working vpn for smart bro sim & smart polka sim.... unrooted po phone q Alcatel glory 2

    thanks po...
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