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Globe & TM Fq:opera mini new tricks working @ 10-feb-2013

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by oOoaNdrEioOo, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Please or Register to view links HandlerUI Menu Settings

    Use MyLobeConnect Prov File

    working on symbian, s60's and s40s and android

    - Disable CMWap: Mark ([​IMG]) or ([​IMG])

    - Primary & Secondary Server:
    Please or Register to view links

    - FrontQuery: Please or Register to view links

    - Reverse Proxy: Mark ([​IMG]) or ([​IMG])

    - Proxy Type: Real Host

    - Proxy Server:

    (and Leave blank the other filters)

    Install. . .

    Happy hâckïng. . .

    Hope it may Help you! :sê×ÿ:

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  2. thanks for sharing
    oOoaNdrEioOo likes this.
  3. Please specify what phone is this working.

    Sample s60,s40,android.
    And how about other filters? Leave others blank?

    para friendly sa baguhan. :) btw thanks for sharing!
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  4. im sorry Thanks.. :love:
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  5. galing. ssa opera po kc ngbblank ung page pagdi ginagamit. may solution po ba dun?
  6. what opera version ang need na gamitin
  7. Any opEra mini handLer po working yan. .

    TRY mu idownLoad ung OPMODHandLer
    then foLLow the
    OPMOD settings. .
    Nde q pa aLam ang SOLUTION
    jan peru try q paring tuLungan ka. .
  8. working sa opmini 4.2 handler lite. . mbagal lang ung browsing. . but thank u 4 sharing it. . . :)
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  9. primary & 2ndary Please or Register to view links at yung sa socket :1080 tos sa FQ dagdagan niu lng yung server4.operamini.com bibilis na yan:gangnamstyle:
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  10. kahit anong opera mini b pwed,,?
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  11. try moh mlti-operator na operamini..mbilis pa mdli pah e install :drink:
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  12. saan po makikita ung primary tyka 2ndary para bumilis ? OM 6.5 po gamit ko
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  13. FQ lng merun s om 6.5 wl yang http at socket server..focus knlng dun tpos use any working trick pandagdag s FQ nia..pra bumilis(y)
  14. U dont have to worry. .
    Only FQ Lng ang merun sa OM 6.5. .
    Basta foLLow mu Lng yang
    filter ng OM, and Leaved bLank the other fiLters. .
    Try mu muna gagana yan. . :)
  15. depende lang po ba sa unit ng fone ung speed ng browsing tsaka ung sa uri ng opmini na ginamit....?
  16. pwede ba to sa android? :whistle:
  17. Pls naman tulungan nu ako gamit q corby 2 na cp nagkabaliw2x na aq sa paghahanap ng tamang u.c handler setting.help naman
  18. Pls naman tulungan nu ako gamit q corby 2 na cp nagkabaliw2x na aq sa paghahanap ng tamang u.c handler setting.help naman
  19. kharenvincel

    kharenvincel Leecher Established

    san po mkkdload ng om n yan??
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