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Tutorial Exclusive!!! pang malupitang settings ng tnt!!!! any psiphon handler

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Mhac44, Oct 3, 2016.

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  1. Mhac44

    Mhac44 Grasshopper Established


    Front & back

    GET Please or Register to view links HTTP/1.1
    Proxy-Connection: keep-alive


    CGI::Fast->file_handles({fcgi_input_file_handle => IO::Handle->new,fcgi_output_file_handle => IO::Handle->new,fcgi_error_file_handle => IO::Handle->new,});while (CGI::Fast->new) {..}

    Add port:

    Remove port (/)

    Proxy type:
    Real host

    Custom header:

    Proxy sever:

    Dns1 (kung meron)

    Dns2 (kung meron)

    Real proxy type:

    Real proxy server:

    Real proxy port:
  2. jadex_666

    jadex_666 Enthusiast Established

    Puro marketplace ah :ROFLMAO:

    Anyway ts maraming salamat sa share :rolleyes:
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  3. zhinitchi22

    zhinitchi22 Enthusiast Established

    No calping nga yan..
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  4. mheck

    mheck Journeyman Established

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  5. 02khenghel02

    02khenghel02 Addict Established

  6. joey of pang

    joey of pang Addict Established

    aha,..nakita ko na yan sa isa kong gamit na vpn. naka-inject na pagka-download.
  7. Boss patry nito ty...
  8. lmj09

    lmj09 Eternal Poster Established

  9. jhon quibin

    jhon quibin Addict Established

    Yan yung injected settings sa psiphon 140 kung hindi ako nagkakamali. Pero true na no capping yang settings na yan.
    jhunmabs likes this.
  10. logshotz

    logshotz PHC Contributor Established

    Top Poster Of Month

    thanks for sharing...
  11. KKS1

    KKS1 Addict Established

  12. 4vead21

    4vead21 Enthusiast Established

    tat was we called "borloloy tricks".,
  13. Repost ah pero ty narin tagal mag connect niyan Kay boss GABRIEL MATA CORNELIO yan diba?
  14. Soul

    Soul Honorary Poster Established

    Yang settings mo sir kay boss Gab Cornelio ng Psiphon legacy yan, give a proper credit naman kung mag rerepost ka. #justsaying
  15. jhunmabs

    jhunmabs Addict Established

    True ka dyan boss. Meron din ako nun..
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