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Trivia Einstein

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Bad Mood -_-, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Did you know that Einstein lived before he DIED? :muted:
  2. Sometank

    Sometank Addict Established

  3. Kazaboo

    Kazaboo Enthusiast Established

    I never knew that thanks
  4. Nakaka Bad Mood po -_-!!
  5. vpnuser25

    vpnuser25 Enthusiast Established

  6. Khyle123

    Khyle123 Enthusiast Established


    GOPERAL Eternal Poster Established

  8. galing mo t.s. ngayon ko lang nalaman...hahaha:LOL:
  9. agent_orange29

    agent_orange29 Addict Established

  10. So deep. May makakaexplain ba nito sa akin?
  11. louey

    louey Enthusiast Established

    malakas ba ang sakla nung lamay niya ts?
  12. :arghh:
    naalala ko tuloy yung mga vandal sa mga bldg sa campus nung college days...
    A filipino invented that positive electron is negative.
  13. Tama naman si ts baka ang point nya sisikat lang ang tao marangal pag itoy namatay nah haha :banghead::bag:
  14. borugs

    borugs Honorary Poster Established

  15. ryanax2020

    ryanax2020 Enthusiast Established

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